"Americas gun"(poll)

Which gun is really “Americas gun”,why?

  • Winchester 94
  • 1911
  • M1 Garand
  • M14
  • AR15
  • Colt SAA revolver.
  • Other-specify

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Nothing’s more American than a Colt SAA.


:thinking: :us: concur


Im really thinking the musket might be Americas gun. The minutemen and militias used them afterall.


I’m going with the Winchester 73.
I mean come on. It’s got its own movie.


I had this discussion with my father in law yesterday. He said if you would have asked him when he was young, it was the Thompson SMG. Now it’s the AR-15. I guess everyone is going to have a different opinion.


I voted “Other Specify”, and my vote goes to the Glock family of pistols. I’m not a fanboy (I currently own 2…a G32 & a G21), but there are more Glock pistols out there in America than any other major manufacturer. I realize they are, like redheads, a love/hate relationship, but regardless, I submit that the Glock is America’s pistol, usurping the title from the venerable 1911. Consider that every other contender, from S&W to Sig, and HK to Beretta, is (and have been) playing catch-up to Glock for going on 3 decades now. The aftermarket support, availability of parts & modifications for Glock pistols is unsurpassed (even by the 1911 aftermarket, which is prodigious in its own right). What I’m saying is that in America you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a Glock pistol. Do I think this means the Glock is the greatest pistol? Of course not, but their reputation for reliability and durability, even if somewhat overblown, speaks volumes. I know this isn’t going to be a popular point of view, after all, Glocks are the pistol that everyone loves to hate, sorta like the Patriots, but there is no arguing their success.

When it comes to rifles the answer is a no-brainer. The AR15 is America’s rifle, and there is no other contender.

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AR15 hands down. We designed it, we built it, we fought with it, we refined it, and we upgraded it, we sold it, we customized it, and we still love it.


i choose all except the 14.
But the 14 most likely is my favorite. But the one I can’t have. [full auto]


America’s shotgun, there is no substitute for all around hunting or home defense IMO!


AR15 is my choice!!!:+1::+1::+1:


I agree with USMCMahon about the AR15. It’s been around for decades and is still very popular. But my personal favorites are still the M1 Garand (designed by a Canadian) and the 1911.


Look at that. Is that a weapon or an art form?

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Nice, im a huge fan of fireworks.

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If it is “America’s” it would be pump action. Everything else is an imported mechanism design.


I think the smith and wesson design for the single action cartridge revolver was American.

Also, the lever action was definitely American was it not?


In 1690 a gunsmith named Cookson made a lever action flintlock rifle (London, England) that is in a London museum.

Chinese made firearms with multiple revolving barrels before bullets were invented (they shot spears) but, again, a flintlock with a revolving chamber . In 1597 a gunsmith in Nuremburg made a flintlock revolver.

The lever action - depends on whether you consider a falling-breech a “lever action”. But for single shots I’d argue it is an under-lever breech-loader and close enough.

But, the seven-shot Kathoff Repeater (mid 1600’s, again a flintlock) used a under-trigger lever and was the fastest firearm until the 1800’s. The lever loads the ball and powder from separate magazines and cocks it in one motion.

It’s amazing but about anything you can think of was done with flintlocks. The latter was even in military service. 100 were issued to the Danish Royal Guards.


1911… I don’t really like them because they are so damn finicky about ammunition. However, they definitely get the job done. Nothing says “Fuck You” in American like staring down the barrel of a .45


A properly built/tuned 1911 with quality mags is very reliable. Old school 1911s are reliable with ball ammo mostly. The issue is companies cutting corners and designing their 1911 with different specS. I think 1911s are too spendy unless you do your own work on them. The people that do their own work generally are pretty happy with their pistols too.