Ammo Giveaway!

Nighthawk Medic Shoots is doing a giveaway!
We will be giving away a box of 100 rounds of 9mm (Winchester white box 115 Grain Target ammo) ammo in four drawings and a final drawing of 5.56x45mm federal ammunition.

This contest will run from today 9/10/2020 until 10/16/2020.
Every 1 Weeks (M-Sun) we will do a drawing.
Drawings on the 18th of Sept., 25th of Sept, 2nd of Oct. 9th of Oct., and the final drawing for the 420 rounds of 5.56x45mm on the 16th of October.

Come on by and join the family! We are sharing new content weekly and supporting 2A advocacy and bringing new people into the community!
Winners will be chosen at random computer drawing from subscribers on the youtube channel Nighthawk Medic.

You must meet all of the requirements within local and US law to have ammunition shipped to you. (domestic subscribers only)
All NFA and Federal Firearms laws apply.

Exclusions due to tyrannous laws…
New York City (we can ship to other areas in the state of New York, just not New York City)
Chicago (we can ship to other areas in the state of IL, just not Chicago)
Washington, DC
All other international locations

Facebook and Facebook affiliates have no connecting or obligation to this promotion. Facebook is released from all responsibilities around this promotion. This promotion and process are not supported by Facebook or Facebook affiliates.


Well this should nab you 10k new subscriptions or a FB ban

One of the two :rofl:


bring it on lol


no cheap ammo care package for you


lol I have LOTS of ammo ergo the giveaway.

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