Ammo Grain Question


Hidy ho all,

I’m coming here from the Military Arms Channel. While its a great channel, the main guy on camera (I think his name is Tim) seems to assume the viewer have some knowledge that I’m lacking.

The most ready question I have is from his grain count in ammo. What does grain count in ammo mean?


Yes. What was said above. Like in his last video he referred to 115 gr and 147 gr. Those are both 9mm bullet weights.


Typical Bullet Weights in grains (gr):

36gr (light HPs)
40gr (standard LRN)

115gr (standard FMJ, JHPs)
124gr (standard FMJm heavy JHPs)
147gr (heavy FMJ)

230gr (standard FMJ)

5.56x45mm (.223 Rem)
55gr (standard FMJ, light HPs; Military designation XM193)
62gr (standard FMJ; Mil. design. XM855 with the SS109 tungsten penetrator)
68gr (heavy FMJ/HPs for hunting or match shooting)*
72gr ()
77gr (

7.62x51mm (.308 Win)
140gr (light FMJ)
145gr (light FMJ)
150gr (standard FMJ)
165gr (*)


Or if it’s any easier to think of it in relation to a pound, 7000 grains per pound.


Thanks for the responses all!

Does weight have anything to do with supersonic/subsonic?


yes and no…not to confuse you… but a lot of it has to do with powder charge and what will properly function the firearm… that is a really deep subject. Best I can tell you is get on FB and find some reloading groups . join up and turn into a sponge and soak up as much info as you can.


Thanks again all! I really do appreciate the responses.

Sadly, I’ve been locked out of my FB account for a few years now. Is there some place I could do some reading on this?


There are a lot of reloading forums outside of FB that you can look into. Also a lot of firearms forums have a section specifically dealing with reloading, so if you’re looking for info to get a certain firearm functioning well with reloads you can generally find a forum about that firearm (or that brand) and figure it out there.