Ammo stockpile post shtf


Ammo choices for shtf, lets say you could have 3 rifles in different calibers (not including .22 lr) , 1 shotgun and 2 pistol calibers, these would be firearms to get you through a serious event where feces have hit the fan. what calibers would you choose? If you could only stockpile 12k rounds ,what would your ammo stock pile look like? .22lr is a given for prepping but im not including it here.

.223/5.56- 7k
.308- 500 rounds
12 ga- 1k
.45 acp- 2.5k
9mm- 1k

Im curious how people prioritize their ammo stockpiles based on their preferences.


I don’t keep as much as I should. I actually have a far larger supply of empty brass, power, primers, bullets, lead.


I havnt got into reloading…yet. my stockpile may or may not resemble what I listed above lol. More of a hypothetical question tto see how people prioritize their stockpile.


Might want to add .22lr to the list. It’s a really good small game hunting round.


I stated its a given but not included in the list. Everyone should own .22lr and have a good stockpile of it. I shouldve made the title “Ammo stockpile for shtf (non .22 lr)”


Oh boy, gotta think…,

5.56 x 5,000k
7.62x39 x 1,500k
308 x 1,500k
45acp x 1000k
9mm x 2,000k
12ga x 1,000k


Would definitely like the materials to reload. But my above list reflects what i would like to be sitting on, ready to use under the restrictions of this exersize. Without the 12k restrictions: (I am/will be sitting on)
5.56 × 10,000k
7.62×39 x 10,000k
308 x 6,000k
45acp x 5,000k
9mm x 5,000k
12ga x 3,000k

In addition to the filing cabinets full of 25wssm, 25-06, 7mm mag, 270 wsm, 20 ga(shot&slugs) 44mag, 30-06, 22lr.


Ohhh good topic.

Rifle (assuming .22LR is already a given like you said):
1,500qty .223 (self explanatory)
1,000qty .30-06 (for when you run out of 7.62x54r and need to punch a large hole in something)
1,000qty 7.62x54r (because, reasons)

5,000qty 9mm (versatility of a handgun+PCC)
3,000qty 5.7x28 (because everyone needs to pierce some armor)

500qty 20ga (so my wife can handle it better than a 12ga)


Not much Why would you need so much?



Lol they can barely protect themselves half the time.


Can never have enough ammo!

We keep plenty of 357,38,.380, & 9mm around. Below is roughly what I have at any given time. I buy to maintain at least 1,500 rounds altogether for my various rifles. I will say, I intend on another rifle build here soon, which means most likely an added 1,000+ more rounds of the .308 for my current stockpile.

What is your favorite ammo company? And why?


Twelve thousand rounds of 7.62 X 39.


5.56= 10,000+ Stopped counting
.308= 2,840+
12 ga=1,505, 705 00buck, 800+ shot

I didn’t notice the 12,000 round cap… ok
308= 3,000
5.56= 6,000


Good answer. Seriously not a bad way to go.


1,000 rounds of 50BMG?! :flushed::+1:


Sometimes you have to break sh*t.


Well I’m jealous of the amount of .308 you have!


Priorities, who needs healthcare…:skull_and_crossbones:


How about including archery?
Quiet, short range effective, even to 100 yards depending on the equipment and skill of the archer.
Mighty handy when hunting on the sly.


Basic stock pile that I maintain
10k 7.62x39
8k .223
4-5k .308
8-9k 9mm
5k .45acp
3k 12ga
And some 460 but I don’t have much of that