Ammo stockpile post shtf


Not necessarily for shtf, but with the democraps pounding their chests, there could be another ammo shortage so I grabbed another 10 boxes 308 from PSA. The sale price was decent, $16.99 a box& free shipping for 10 boxes or more.



powder and primers degrade also…I have shot surplus WW2 ammo and it went bang…



Ammo will last a very long time if properly stored. It may lose some performance over time, but it should be reliable for decades. I have fired ammo that was 30+ years old and it still worked fine.

Ian from Forgotten Weapons recently posed this video about surplus ammo from the 1940’s:



Had a few boxes of this .45 IIRC Pop said from late WWII
Shot fine. No not in that pistol.



I don’t have much because I’m trying to fill the other needs.

520 556
686 9mm
40 sgd hp 9mm(carry)

Problem is 500 of my 9mm is from freedom munitions and in worried that even it being new it could cause failures.

I need to get more rifle ammo and good fragmenting ammo but after much more is done.
I could survive on this for now.



Decent price on good ammo for the 308.
I just ordered four hundred rounds. With shipping, $297.79




Sounds like a GREAT price, not just decent. But then, I only know the .30-06 prices, not the .308 prices.

Thanks for sharing this.



Outside of a brass case that draws moisture. Powder and primers have a longer shelf life than I do.



A little lite in my opinion, but good starting point for new comers.




I think he makes a lot of sense, though not sure I would always think of the handgun being used as a backup to the long arm.

Some of my handguns are (in my opinion), primary weapons, not backups. This is because some circumstances (traveling, close quarters defense, etc.), I prefer a shorter weapon. And, for power concerns, any handgun in the .44 mag or higher, caliber range, can do rifle-like damage at short distances.

For true SHTF, can you be assured of the ability to always be able to carry a long gun - especially on you (not in your car)? I doubt it. But, a handgun - much more likely.

And, for the stated ammo counts - I am still working on that 1,000 rounds per gun stock of ammo. That gets to be a lot of ammo with more than a few guns! For me, that creates 2 problems: cost and storage. The cost I am enduring over time, but the storage - I don’t have a solution for (not enough room). How to get around the storage issue???



Good points @JohnB i get what youre saying. As far as storage, that can be a challenge. I had drawers, cabinets, & ammo cans full. I recently put ALL ammo into 50cal ammo cans. Very versatile, stackable, space saving & portable. Just a thought to consider. As far as cost, build up stockpile little at a time, it’ll get there.




Thanks, but I have yet to make it to the 1,000 rounds per gun, ever.

However, I do think it is a good goal (and would love to surpass it someday).

One thing I did not hear him talk about is: what if you have to be mobile in SHTF - you run the risk of having to leave some of your guns and/or ammo behind. That’s not cool! I suppose with prior planning, this could be worked out, but sure would be painful to execute!



The possibility of having to bug out was one of the reasons i put all ammo into cans.i felt it would be easier to carry & load up the truck with. Still working on an acceptable solution for firearms.




I like the ammo cans, too. That is not my problem. The cost of acquiring that much ammo and finding a good place to store it, are my problems.

As for handguns - I use lockable metal storage bins. Each one can store several handguns, including some extra magazines. They stack about as well as the ammo cans and are relatively inexpensive ($20 or so, each, at Home Depot).

Rifles and shotguns are much harder to store in compact places.



FYI sgammo has some great offers this week and Federal [IIRC] has some good rebates.
Order on Saturday------
Pissed off UPS guy by Thursday. Hates the 1000/.45 cases.



I think he goes over this in another video. Basically caching, having a resupply in your vehicle and a spot with a large stockpile is how alot of guys do it. I mean if you got the resources and money you might be able to do air drops (sarcasm).

My only gripe with this guys videos is the titles suck. By that I mean there is alot of content thats not titled clearly. I like the info though.



They’ve had some really great prices lately! I’m going to order 2 more cases .308 this week.



Hes got a lot of other vids where he goes over specific subjects with details. A lot of good info there if one has the patience to sit through what sometimes can be a little slow paced/longwinded material.



I have no issue with that. His tone kind of reminds me of Jon Mosby of the Mountain Guerrilla blog.

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As long as you have a fair amount of ammo for what you consider to be your go to primary weapon(s), you’ll be good. I believe that was the concept of the video. Not necessary to have that amount of excess ammo for fun Guns /collectibles.