Ammo stockpile post shtf


Not necessarily for shtf, but with the democraps pounding their chests, there could be another ammo shortage so I grabbed another 10 boxes 308 from PSA. The sale price was decent, $16.99 a box& free shipping for 10 boxes or more.


powder and primers degrade also…I have shot surplus WW2 ammo and it went bang…


Ammo will last a very long time if properly stored. It may lose some performance over time, but it should be reliable for decades. I have fired ammo that was 30+ years old and it still worked fine.

Ian from Forgotten Weapons recently posed this video about surplus ammo from the 1940’s:


Had a few boxes of this .45 IIRC Pop said from late WWII
Shot fine. No not in that pistol.


I don’t have much because I’m trying to fill the other needs.

520 556
686 9mm
40 sgd hp 9mm(carry)

Problem is 500 of my 9mm is from freedom munitions and in worried that even it being new it could cause failures.

I need to get more rifle ammo and good fragmenting ammo but after much more is done.
I could survive on this for now.


Decent price on good ammo for the 308.
I just ordered four hundred rounds. With shipping, $297.79



Sounds like a GREAT price, not just decent. But then, I only know the .30-06 prices, not the .308 prices.

Thanks for sharing this.


Outside of a brass case that draws moisture. Powder and primers have a longer shelf life than I do.