An Altruistic Strategy for 2A - Free Handgun Instruction for Potential Victims

Local Detroit-area shooting range and gun clubs offer free training and instruction to women:

I think if more local ranges and gun clubs offered free training like this to women, the elderly, and other potential victims in our society, it could go a long way to not only help them learn to defend themselves but to also gain more supporters for our 2nd Amendment civil liberties. I’m not a certified instructor. Just a relative noob to the shooting sports. But I’d be willing to donate funds for stuff like ammo and targets and help in other ways. What do my fellow full30 forum brothers and sisters think about something like this?


You made a terrific suggestion about free instruction to the easily victimized. I might suggest further that it not just be available to women, old etc, but to all interested in self defense. In my view as an instructor, the Guys need more than a touch-up in the instruction department. Men, unfortunately, need to be un-trained a bit due to testosterone; they assume basic skills are genetically programmed into their skill set. So, yes, I support more training be available, to all


This is fantastic!! :revolving_hearts:


I agree that all law abiding folks can benefit from training, myself included. But there are segments of our society that may be more vulnerable and with less financial means and opportunity to avail themselves of such training. Women, especially, can be targets not just of robbery but also of sexual assault. Some are bad-a$$es that can easily take care of themselves like some on here at, but there are many who are either oblivious of the danger that lurks, or are past victims and live in fear not knowing what to do. They may also be intimidated to try handgun instruction in a class populated by a bunch of men. I’ve been to one such class, and the overwhelming vast majority were all men. I know my wife is like that and doesn’t want anything to do with a class full of commando-wannabe men.

Here in Dallas I heard on the news of three transgenders recently murdered in the past month. Regardless of their lifestyle choice, they didn’t deserve to be killed like that just for who they were. They’re just an example of a certain demographic, albeit a small one but no less very vulnerable demographic, who now live in fear wondering if one of them might be the next target. At least one was a minority who was badly beaten in a bad part of town about a month before she was eventually murdered. She’s part of the forgotten, but easily targeted and vulnerable, demographic of our American society that can benefit from training but may be too intimidated to try for fear of being judged or harassed. Some on here may claim that certain demographic group leans Left or Democratic, and that may be true. But there are liberals who also strongly support our 2A civil liberties, such as those who belong to the Liberal Gun Club, for instance. If accepting them by offering free training and instruction not only helps them defend themselves but also helps them see the importance of our 2A rights, then that helps the rest of us who also support our 2A rights.


I do this EVERY Sunday and have for the last 10 years.
It may very well be the ONLY thing that actually works in regards to 2nd amendment outreaches.


The linked article was a good read. Given the motivation and intent as to why this particular program was started I don’t feel they should change anything.

I do agree this type of 2A support through outreach would be good for all, but each program should target a specific audience -such as the program in the article focuses solely on women, so should other groups be addressed accordingly.