And I slept right through it...

I had a heck of a time falling asleep last night and at one point I thought I heard a car horn blaring, but I have ears with lots of unprotected shots across them. Maybe 0300ish? Then I went into a coma and slept through all of what follows. Not that I would have been of any use had I been awake.

They live behind a locked gate and have their own PV utility, they’ve got to be 2 miles from paved road and where the the electric lines stop. I often wondered what they’d do if they ever had a fire.

OK, back to the car horn. As we later learned my neighbor saw a bear in his dumpster and got up to check things around 0300ish. He saw the glow in the distance and got alerted. In the meantime the gent from the house made it through the locked gate and to my neighbors home. That was the car horn that I thought heard in my stupor. That woke my neighbors up. Then there was banging at their door. They didn’t open it because the person kept saying what they thought was “Lynne”. Then Glenn shouted “Hey, Dick!”, or some such. They opened the door and found him seriously burned over a large part of his body. I don’t know times, but the fire had to be raging for quite some time by then. Eventually fire responded. Back to my neighbor with the bear. He came out of his driveway and saw Glenns truck and the lights on, so he drove up. He’s a licensed EMT and started working on Glenn. Then the EMTs on shift showed up with gear.

At some point, hospital I assume, Glenn was put into a coma.

I assumed the woodstove started it, but the small portion of wall still standing is right behind the woodstove, so I my wife was told, so that’s unlikely.

Also to perish in the flames were their 2 dogs.

I barely knew them. I said “Hi” to Becky twice and Glenn once. If I had bumped into them at the supermarket there’s no way I would have known them. But my wife might have recognized Becky bumping into them in the market.

What a shame.


Damn, what a sad story, and weird

BTW, do you have anyone who can collaborate your whereabouts? :wink:


Yes it is, salt of the earth folks and hard workers.

I was wondering who would be first :yep: !

Yes, alibis… my wife sleeping right beside me with her knee in my side and the 2 dogs that I would have had to step over. Not easy for me to do.

:laughing: I can’t go through the gate with a conveyance and if I was walking I’d just be gettin’ home right about now.


Enough to get my attention and check all my smoke and carbon monoxide detectors NOW.


That’s terrible.


Change your clocks - change your batteries. Use good batteries.
IIRC some have 10 yr batteries installed now.
In our biz when a fire extended beyond room of origin.
I could bet a paycheck the batteries were dead or missing from the detector.

Prayers for the people.


We have them in the bedroom. the stairway and the living room where the stove is, I know I am paranoid, but I also believe in redundancy and do not want to die that way.


Wow. that’s terrible.


Update on Glenn, but it’s not current, days old. Glenn was put into a coma for a few days then taken out of it and was taking steps. His burns were “only” 2nd degree and on 30% of his body. So he’s doing better than they first thought.


That’s good news. I know about recovering from 2nd and 3rd degrees. (shiver)
He could have been a LOT worse.


Darn right! He was lucky to have escaped.


And was in the coma for the skin scrubbing. :grimacing: