And so it begins


And so it begins. What is it you ask? I decided to go for my associates degree in the science of firearms technology. This includes gun smithing. Today my cleaning kit came.



Ok, now I am jealous. A gun-related degree? Way cool!

Which college? Do they have online classes?

#3 yes online


Thank you very much, Tactical_Reviews.

I will check it out.

Best of luck to you. Hope you get your degree.


Wow, not cheap, but looks good.

I have heard of them before, not sure where from.

A bunch of great things to learn thru them.

I don’t currently have the ability to attend, but it sure would be interesting.


Good luck in your venture
I hope yours was as good as mine
Pgs was such a great experience in my life


Enjoy the classes! How long do they figure it will take you?
I took classes via mail from The North American School of Firearms back in the 70’s. Still using lots of the tools and such they sent.


Between 4 and 5 semesters.


Don’t you gotta build a gun before you can clean it?

Good luck. I wish I had taken Mechanical Engineering and maybe gone down that path way back when.

I took electronics in pre-college engineering in HS. Swear by God we learned vacuum tubes and used slide-rules. So of course I took chemical engineering in college and went into accounting/management as a career.


so your going to finally learn how to clean your gun?




LOL my HS electronics teacher(I went into electronic repair as a career) was a tube guy. I was building crap with IC’s and he just shook his head and told me to keep it within budget and make sure some of it could be made into kits for the second year students. I started working on electronics when I was 10! By 14 had my ham license.