And then there are those that give a bad name to the rest



For those of you that are not familiar with the restrictions we have here in Californistan, we have a roster of handguns certified as “safe” by the DOJ.

Things like loaded chamber indicators, magazine disconnects, drop safety, etc used to be the criteria that handguns used to have to pass in order to be approved.
When Arnold was our governator he actually signed something about microstamping into that criteria (whenever that technology patent something something). Well now for any new semi automatic handgun to be added to the roster it apparently would have to microstamp the case in multiple places with a unique to that gun identifier.

How that helps make the gun safer I dont know…

Anyway, if manufacturers decide to make a new model of something they have to resubmit for testing… and microstamping is a must… if they continue to make the same old model and renew (pay to the state) their handguns that dont even have all of the criteria met are eligible to remain on the roster (thank God).

We also have another rule… only 1 handgun in 30 days can be purchased. Imagine trying to buy a sequential serial number pair of anything…

LEOs get exemptions for both. It is not illegal for non-LEOs to purchase off-roster (aka “unsafe”) handguns via private party transfers through dealers… just can’t buy them from dealers.

So usually there is a huge markup on off-roster handguns. Glock gen 5s are going for up to $1000 etc.

Enter the guy in the letter.

This is not the first time too. So I can imagine them (people like 30-magazine-clip Kevin De Leon) either taking away the exemption or prohibiting sale of so-called “unsafe” handguns to us non-LEOs sometime in the future.


I mean, it wouldn’t be illegal if California didn’t have ridiculous gun control…


Help! I’ve fallen from my chair!


I definitely agree with you on that.
If the laws were better he wouldn’t have made all that money from all those sales because he wouldn’t have had anything to offer.

Plus, Federal charges were that he was acting as a dealer without a license due to number of transactions.

The guy basically decided to make money on the side.


Stay down while I go look up some other off roster offerings. Brb.




Springfield XDM 4.5 $900
Sig p365 $1500
Sig p320 $1100
Sig 320 full size 9mm “no magazines” $1200obo
Glock 17 MOS gen 4 $1100obo
Glock 30 gen 4 $1000 obo
Sig p229 Legion Compact $2000

There aren’t as many offers up at the moment…

When I was looking for an Hk45 I saw them for $1700

They call it the Off-roster premium.



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Do you happen to have a parent, grandparent or child grandchild living in a free state?
You can do intra-family transfers of off roster guns.
I got a PPQ M2 via a daughter in Oregon.


Unfortunately, I do not. But some day when I have an 01FFL I will be able to touch any off-roster handgun I want.


Living in a free state without restrictions like this
Has me baffled why a firearm builder or enthusiast would jump through loopholes like these to enjoy what was granted to them in the constitution
I personally would have left said communist states a long long time ago
I understand jobs and family and all but to just have your rights trampled by a state that you don’t have to live in is beyond me


I have a plan to get out. I am not planning to stay here forever.


Thank the lord your skills are in demand and you could make a living doing that