And this is why I hate YouTube

This is the first video on my complete build series of making an AR15 out of aluminum cans. In this video I melt the cans and pour a solid block of aluminum. I have issues getting the block to cast correctly, so it takes multiple attempts. The video is all about metal casting techniques. At the end of the video, all I have is a paper weight. It’s so far from being a firearm that it may as well be an off-the-shelf block of aluminum. But Youtube removes it for violating their communist- I mean community guidelines.


You are loved here for your free spirited American ingenuity,

and don’t worry, we’ll work with your common sense approach to life :grin::grin:


This is exactly why I refuse to do anything on screwtube anymore. They can’t follow their own rules, but expect us to. Even when we do follow the rules, we get slammed. You’re on the radar now and will soon have your channel deleted.


My biggest problems have been with Facebook. And, I came here to, hopefully, one day, not have to upload content to YouTube, at all. There’s really no way to fight that machine. Just have to hope it eventually runs itself off a cliff.


Very true. I keep telling people not to support places that refuse to support us. We’re little more than a tiny plankton in the ocean of the Internet. But we’re also the most important part of the food chain. If we dry up, the top dies first. I don’t share screwtube videos, I don’t click on ads. For the most part I use fakebook to push my Full30 channel and get people here, same with Twitter.


FYI Make an alias account on FB then shit all over them.

So ya spend time in FB jail. Know that your in with good company and you made a snowballing snowflake cry