Anderson AR build


So I’m starting to look into putting together an ar. Heard good things about Anderson Manifacturing so far. Not getting too crazy of a build just an above basic ar. Anyone use Anderson before?


I used an Andersen lower on my last AR build and have zero complaints with it if that’s any help. The rest of the lower parts were from joeboboutfitters and the upper was a Colt A2.


We have used Anderson lowers on many builds for customers. Never had any problems with the lowers.

Have fun building your AR.

SIC Crew


Well A stripped lower is a stripped lower theres not much difference between them although im not a fan of Anderson. For budget stuff I really like PSA and Aero Precision. The AP has a great finish and a screw adjustment thing to tighten the upper and lower together to remove any slop. The AP stripped lowers can be found for $50ish and is worth every penny.


Anderson is fine. Never seen anyone have issues with them.