Android/iPhone App


Hey guys! I know I’m probably like a squeaky wheel to you as I’ve bugged you on FB a few times as well.

Are you still in the process of building an app for phones? I hate having to use the browser to get to videos and I hit up YouTube for my gun video needs. I would LOVE to be able to open an app and give your videos (and your advertisers) my clicks rather than youtube.



I agree, I cant wait for the app to be released! I feel hypocritical every time I watch gun channels on YouTube.


According to Tim, the apps are already built and have been submitted to Apple and Google for their respective approval. I keep checking Google play for it but it’s still not there. Hopefully we’ll see it soon.


If they could post the Android APK on the site for download I’d totally give it a shot on my phone and sideload onto a FireTV.

Crazy that it’s taking Google so long to publish it.


This. I would too.
Heck call us the beta users.


Google is anti gun so it takes longer than it should because they hate us.


Tossing my chips in the hat. I’d like to move fully away from youtube for gun related content. The missing piece for me is a phone app for mobile browsing.


I’d also love to get an APK to put on may Amazon Fire Stick. I watch all my firearm YouTube channels from there. I like the idea of Full30, but I’m really reluctant to give up the convenience of YouTube. It would be great to have my cake and eat it too.


Any chance an admin could chime in here and let us know if there’s been any update? Honestly, at this point, I’m just curious how the app approval process works considering how long it’s taking. Every other day I search for Full30 on the Google Play site and all I see are exercise and Quran apps.


There are ways to self-publish the app, should it be denied for non-technical reasons. You could publish it here for download. It’s a bit harder to install, and of course you miss the advertising effect.


Same here an app would increase my use. I watch videos almost exclusively on my phone


Hoping this reply is seen and will get a little more interest from the site admin/owners or whatever.

With the HUGE changes to youtube and the financial impact to the gun channels, there’s more demand now than ever to get Full30 growing.

An app would be a huge step in my opinion. The link below is a percentage chart for one creator showing views on mobile devices vs other devices. The numbers are staggering.

Mobile - 61%
Tablet - 24%
Computer - 15%

And it’s VERY likely the mobile and tablet views are through an app. That’s 85% of viewing!
Sure, some of those using are using a web browser but I bet they’re the vast minority.


Can we start a Patreon for an app? I’d pay to help develop an app.


Another looking forward to an android app, I’m still stuck using Youtube most of the time since I’m on my phone and have small chunks of time available here and there. Would much rather support/traffic Full30 than YT.


Until the app is published and set up for public purchase, I just created two shortcuts, to the videos and forum sections, and put them on my home screen on my phone. The app is still gonna have to be internet based, so I figured that a shortcut to a domain that acts like an app would be just as good until the real deal comes out.


Bumping this months later in hopes of an update. Again, I’d be willing to pay for the app, crowd funding or a subscription base to achieve an app. There is no one in our ranks that can help full30?


Love the idea of Full30, but I’ll never do more than occasionally view content here until I can stream it on my Roku from the comfy couch. 10-12 hours a day working in front of the computer is all I can deal with. Not going to sit there at night to watch videos.


An iphone app would be great but I would get more use out of a Roku app. I’d much rather watch gun videos on my 60" vs my little phone.


A full suite of apps would be awesome. Not just mobile but game systems as well (Xbox, PS4, Roku, etc.)


hey - another year has gone by – REALLY need an app so I can ditch youtube for good - any progress ?