***ANGLERS*** - Freshwater / Shore / Kayak / Ocean



Getting into another activity . . . . FISHING!

Starting to learn the sport and land “THE ONE THAT DIDN’T GET AWAY!”

I would love to hear about your experiences, Stories, Education, Advice and Hacks

AND definitely YOUR GEAR!!!

It all started 3 weeks ago when a colleague took me out kayak fishing.
What a relaxing experience! So I youtube’d to see about this fishing bizo, and it has grown from there.

How it all started:

My Initial Gear:

My First Shop:

On both of my factory reel’s it appears I have 5lbs-10lbs mono line, so first job is to spool 20lbs mono line on both

So all gear’d up and waiting for my first catch.
Targeting Cod, Bass or Yellow belly with

Light/Med Rod with 20lbs mono mainline and 12lbs fluro mono leeda.
Crankbait / Spinner bait / Jig’s / Soft Plastics

Which one DO YOU THINK will catch me my first Fish EVER?

I hope for you to share and have conversations.
Find it…Catch it…Release it!


You will soon discover that fish are more intelligent than most folks realize.
And be careful not to roll your kayak without knowing how to right it before you drown.
Not good for the tourist trade.
You will catch more fish if you concentrate less on your equipment choices than with knowing about the fish you will be hunting.
For example where they live, when and what they feed and on.
The skill of the fisherman is more important than their equipment.
Don’t be disappointed if you don’t meet with success at first.
The fish have been avoiding being eaten longer than we have been trying to catch them.


Yes, I am learning that knowledge & skill will catch more fish.

Thanks for the advice👌


I’m freshwater and think a kayak is a pretty good way to go. Just learning a baitcasting reel, but have been fly fishing and spinning from kayaks for some time.

I got WAY fancy and added a Raymarine Dragonfly 4 Pro to mine.


Where is your Skull & Crossbones Pirate Flag?


I only run that up when I have already closed in on a merchant ship just before I have the cannon ports swung open.


Nice setup.

In the market now for a kayak.

deciding new or 2nd hand…hummm
Thinking 2nd for my first to know what gear and how to set up.

Definitely paddle and stand up fishing.

oh…front storage is a must for the rifles to shoot like “STU” LOL…


And forgot the FLAG as well…


Don’t forget the electric trolling motor for when you run out of steam trying to get to shore against the current on a windy day.


Get a long, narrow, light sit-in and you won’t get tired. That’s kind of the whole point of a kayak vs. a bass boat or skiff. I use mine (12’6" 52 lbs) for kayak touring as well. Everything on mine comes off.

But I can’t stand up in it. At least not for long.

I’m pretty used to casting while wading so sitting at about the same height off the water is acceptable.


U am making an AO Adventures Activity trailer to storage transport all my gear for shooting,fishing, camping and Off Roading.

Can’t wait for the finished project.
Kayaking is do relaxing, might even try camp in it😊