Another day in HOG HEAVEN


7-14-18 Great day ground hog hunting today! Buddy & I combined about 25 hogs down! I took them at 530yds & 600yds. with 20" ar15 62gr green tip. With the ruger ranch bolt action 16" barrel 7.62x39, took 12 more 100yds out to 440yds! Usin shitty wolf hollow point steel case . Even saw a bald eagle a couple hundred yards out in the field.



I thought this thread was about David Hogg when I first seen the title.


@jf89 it would have been great to see David out in that field…:smiling_imp:


@Robert I can’t blow up the picture to read the can, what Brewery makes that?


How good is it? (on a scale of 1 to good enough to fuck your mother)


it exploded! !!!
Here’s a couple I shot today @ 260 & 300 yds with my encore 25-06 85gr reloads, nosler ballistic tip 57gr RL19 powder. Traveling 3600fps.


Photos show entry wound side then exit wound side. this one was rather hard to distinguish the two LOL. he flew three feet in the air and about 5 feet from where I hit him


We also saw a pair of 6 point whitetail in velvet, but I was unable to take a decent photo with my phone that far .(330yds)


7-28-2018 Hogs down! Nothing over 400yds today. 75 out to 400yds, I was hunting from on top of brine water tanks used by the gas drilling company. Excellent vantage point, they are approximately 15 feet tall. I took 10 hogs, 2 with the 7.62×39 ruger ranch bolt action rifle, 8 with my long range AR 15 5.56 62gr green tip.


Seems like you like hogs like I like bots, looks like a nice day, I spent 90 minutes out today on my HOG, I’m fried, no nice hat like yours


I got cooked in the sun too lol


Appreciate it, thanks!

Not to clutter your post up any, I went ahead and moved all my stuff over to the new category within Outdoor Life.


I don’t mind a bit, I’m a whitetail junkie! Got big tats on each arm to prove it lol



Nice Tats! :sunglasses:


Thanks, wanted something that reflected me and my addiction LOL although I still get people asking if I’m a Hunter? Figured it was kind of obvious


Too, too funny! :rofl:


400 yds & under. Farmer needs to get his ass in gear & start cutting the fields, getting a bit high. Still managed to take a few.


I want this whenever I got $300 to burn lol

60" decorative saw I found at a little shop in the middle of nowhere