Another day in HOG HEAVEN


I’d love to attack the prairie dogs! It’s on my list…


Went out to my 50 acre deer hunting property to check my ground blind & check the perimeter for trespassers etc. Thanks to recent storms, I’m in the market for a new ground blind! Falling trees won the battle.

all the kings horses & all the kings men couldn’t put my damn blind back together again! Fiberglass rods are busted up, including metal support hubs were damaged, it “was the primos clubhouse xxl, 6"6” high, tall enough to stand up in.


WOW, that sucks! Glad you weren’t in it when that happened :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And what the heck is this weird message I get trying to respond to you here on this topic from Full30?

First time I’ve seen such a thing. I guess they’re wanting me to correspond with you less on these topics :smirk:

"### Consider replying to more people

You’ve already replied 3 times to @LonewolfMcQuade in this particular topic.

Have you considered replying to other people in the discussion, too? A great discussion involves many voices and perspectives.

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Thanks, yeah, would have been a bad day to have been in it LOL as far as that message you got, I don’t know what kind of crap that is. maybe @full30nick or one of our other moderators can fill us in what that is all about


Wanta be my pen-pal?

Bah-hahahaha :rofl:


just part of the program, AI wants you all to be polite and considerate towards one another


Yeah, I get it. I’m just messing with you guys… :grin:


not very considerate if they don’t want you to talk to specific people about specific topics LOL


remember when they said AI & computers makes life better? LMAO To err is human, to really fuck up takes a computer!


Hog heaven under duress from storms LOL supposed to be sunny all day with only a 5% chance of rain! Just my luck, I always hit that nil



If I may ask, how do you like that Ruger 7.62x39? They seem like a nice rifle and the ammo is very affordable.


I love it! Good out to about 450yds. Shoots 1.5" groups at 200yds with cheap wolf hollow point


Take head shot ones, skin and clean, smoke like a mini pig. Good eating!


Finally here!


Good for you :+1::+1:

Happy hunting big guy!


Thanks for the info for it


Couldn’t resist playing with the blind on company time!



Well, what do ya think???

It will look much better in the woods for ya :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I know, can’t wait to get it set up this weekend! Doubt slavedriver will let me go set it up on company time lol