Another modular pistol hits the market...


But its even more modular than the p320, Steyr or APX and its not plastic. Kind of looks like a Glock slide too.


Looks a bit like a gimmicky LEGO set
I’m sure folks will buy it in droves


I think we have taken ugly guns to a new low.


Its also $1300 …lol


Hey, hi point needs competition.


I agree it’s all gimmicks to me now

In my own defense though I have recently been engrossed wholey in building 1911 pistols so much so I’ve aprrenticed myself to a builder that has been teaching me little nuances and tricks of the trade
I’ve been so engrossed actually that I have been slacking at work taking on modern pistol work


At the very least a custom 1911 is super sexy, you cannot say that for most newer pistols. Everything NEEDs to be tactical for some reason.


I had almost the exact same thought when I wrote that.


@Giantspeed I don’t see a problem there. Also, kinda jealous of you finding a builder to work with.


@jf89 yea… that turned me off too.


It’s been pretty bad for me latley actually
I’m kind of consumed by it lmao
The owner of the shop had been grumbling just a bit because the turnover on modern pistols and ar builds is down a bit
My only leg to stand on is that no one else in our shop can build a custom gun
Ofcourse they can maintain and replace mim or drop in parts
I want to be a artist
I have been spending so much money at brownells and matrix precision that my old lady isn’t speaking to me at the moment


Sounds like you need to build her a gun :wink:

It take time to be an artist. I absolutely love building 1911s. Each one is different.