Another Nutcase gives the Anti Gun Crowd more to whine about

So here we go again.
I saw on NBC this AM the story of course skewed to hell with Anti-Gunner statistics and pure miss-information.

However the officials did not fall into the trap of evil guns although the news person tried to trap them.
They just pointed at the mental problems in the nation.
The news story on NBC was 50% anti semi auto however.
Disgusting Media Agenda Pushing.

Wonder when the Hogg shizahead will show up?


The media never miss an opportunity to exploit a tragedy.


I dont see us being able to own semi autos much longer. People really think guns are the issue not the people using the guns. I cant believe how many people are siding with that rag head from Minnesota after she blamed the NRA for this shooting. She should be in the middle east tending to her husbands camels not bringing her goat fucker culture and ideologies to American politics.


Legally able to own semi autos. You left out the word “legally.” I’ll always own semi autos


remember a criminal is protected under the 5th amendment for CCW or firearms use where a Legal gun owner isn’t
Just throwing that little tidbit out there…