Another one from NC.


Hey yall, I kinda followed Hickok45 and forgottenweapons over here.
I’m mostly a 1911 guy but pretty much an all around gun junkie. I’ve got my own steel plate pistol range here on my property and my next door neighbor has a 100 yard rifle setup, we don’t have it so bad in these parts.

I don’t or won’t post much, maybe a stupid picture here and there and an untimely sarcastic comment thrown about for the heck of it.




Welcome! Stick around. You’ll like it here.


Welcome Johnny,
Both pictures and sarcasm are welcome here.
Hopefully you’ll change your tune about not posting much.
Also really envious of a home range.
Ahhhh! Someday…


Welcome @Johnny
Great to have you here! Stupid pictures and sarcasm are mandatory participation here! LOL


welcome here from Mcleansville NC…didn’t know sarcasm was allowed here…hehehehehehe……oh boy now its on


Bring it!:joy:


Welcome! Glad to have you here.


Welcome @Johnny


Welcome from Granville county :heart:




Welcome to Full30 forum @Johnny Good to have you here. Jump right in the water’s fine.

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Welcome to the forum


Welcome, Johnny from a fellow Tar Heel in Rowan Co.


Welcome and enjoy!!


Well welcome the the forum!