Another reason I like Idaho


LOL, hell yeah


Hell yea! Man I cannot wait to move up there.


So I read the article and saw all the comments on the bottom. I think it is pretty stupid for people from Commiefornica, a states that lets children permanently mutilate their bodies from one sex to an imitation of the other, to say “people shouldn’t use their children in these kinds of things”. REALLY!!! I think it showed that guns are to handled correctly and that there is no evil genie hiding in the weapon. That a child here is handling an AR with no intimidation or issues. I pretty sure that WAS the point that the dad was trying to make. BTW has anybody ever noticed how much the DSA/dnc commiecrats use children to make their points?
Personally I say that if this guy was OK with that, and the child was OK with it, then good for you sir. If nothing else at least you tried to do something positive for the 2A.

DSA/dnc IS the greatest enemy of the USA in the world. Want proof, just turn your TV on.


Here is washingard you would be dead before you touched the lawn on the capitol


No doubt. Especially the further northeast you travel. I’ve met plenty of rural folks from the western half of the state who are just normal people like you and I. I hate it every time I think how some of these western states are filled with mostly center and center right and even some center left folks who love the constitution and just a few counties inhabiting these far left communist strongholds who dictate policy for the entire state. It sickens me.


Look at the bright side. If we get nuked, the entire left coast will be glowing and only the nornal folks on the other side of the mountains will still be here. (cept Spokane, but its commie any how)