Another reason to refuse to comply

FOIA request in Washington state for names and address of everyone who complied with the bump stock buy back.

I seek to obtain the names and addresses where checks will be mailed for the bump stock buy back program.

My intent is to create a searchable database and map of Washington state to overlay the locations.

The public has a right to know that these dangerous devices may have been in neighborhoods that they live in and who has previously owned such devices.”


F this S. Such a beautiful state to be so ruined by the far left. What a damn shame.


They keep pushing and pushing, hope we dont fall over before we get a chance to push back.


LMAO, work to figure out who abides by the law…wow


And to add how many constitutional amendments, federal law and even state laws does this violate? I guarantee the vast majority of Washington state residents do not want this. It is just the far left douches in King County.


Freedom of Informations Act is for American citizens. Seems to me if there is no home address listed and no real name or anything else proving they (the requester) are legit, then they could will be emailing this personal information about American citizens to just about anyone in any country.

Maybe someone should use the FOIA to find out who this person is and where they live.


one thing about my side of the fence - the privacy act and the FOIA requested would have been bounced. I can request any information for me about me but not anyone else.
and no the public does not need to know


How about an FOIA for all the registered Democrats in our areas with names and addresses?

So we know where and who all the enemies are when the SHTF.

Oh and btw: I agree…don’t comply with anything.