Another store not to shop at


A person only protecting his employees and stores interest


As crappy as that is please understand 99.9% of all big box and retail stores have the same policy. Quite literally almost all of them. This isn’t an Academy specific problem.

I worked retail for the first ~10 years of my adult life and trust me you cannot even look at people cross eyed without getting fired. Granted this was well over 10 years ago itself I can imagine the policies have gotten worse for fear of lawsuits.


As a general rule I don’t buy from Walmart or any box store guns,ammo,or shooting supplies on general principle. I saw the demise of local full service firearms retailers as a result of their appearance. I am fortunate as have local farm store that is very competitive on ammo and shooting supplies. Local gun stores give good service and fair pricing. Agree with Mister T. that all have corporate policies that are based on law suits.


I saw this morning that he had been given his job back.


Given the opportunities he seems to have been offered I’m not sure I would accept that job back were I him. He must like it there.


There’s enough Local Gun Shops around me that I have no need to shop at big retailers. Always more pleasant and personal anyway.


Me, too.
Prefer to buy from independent stores.
Can’t remember anything I have bought from a big box store other than maybe targets and basic cleaning supplies.
Even then most of that came from an actual gun store.
There’s at least a chance of someone there with a clue.
Not much chance at the big box store that would just as soon be selling housewares, paint, flowers and toys.