Another teaser


anyone know why this is special?


No, but…




Such a beauty.


A very nice FN Belgian Browning Hi Power…one thing that stands out to me is the small notch in the slide…along with the ring at the bottom of the grip. Is that one of the super cool varieties with the stock attachment groove in the grip? :wink:


no t-slot, pre-dates that style, with out a closer look at the proofs as to who it was for - so late 1937 early 38 for date.


Beautiful piece :+1: , was that what you were issued in the service?


ours were a bit newer - some were actual WW2 but all were made by INGLIS (I even remember one having Chinese acceptance stamps)…


So very early German/Nazi Hi Power?


Hi Power > 1911

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no even earlier before the Germans overran that part of Europe when it was know as a FN GP35 before the P640(b)


It’s definitely a Belgian Hi Power…but I already noted that in the first reply. I’m no expert at proof marks by a long shot, so they do me little to no good. Was this one actually made for France? Even though they never officially adopted it?

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This ^^^


Looks like a HP to me too.
Always loved them.


Last guess here for me…the only other thing I can see that is different from most Hi Powers would be the internal extractor and the lanyard ring…


the lanyard ring was a military requirement and omitted on civilian importation to the US (mid 50s).
Any FN/Browning/Inglis were all know as GP35 / P35 MK1 High Power (Inglis MK1/1 had tangent and MK1/2 had fixed rear), and the occupation were P640(b)where as the Browning USA pistols were called HiPower so not to be confused with the Browning High Power Rifle.

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You know it’s pretty amazing how much history is in that one firearm.

I’ve owned 4 different Hi Powers and variants over the years, A MK3 Browning, 2 FEGs, and an Arcus…my guess is it’s probably one of the most copied handgun designs in the world. When you consider all the small changes and influences of other countries, you’d have a very hard time keeping track of all of that history.

Either way, the Hi Power is definitely one of the best handgun designs of all time in my opinion. Wish I still had one.


two more homeless waifs that have found a new loving home
both 28XXX series and only 606 apart
but notice that one has a lanyard ring on the base and not the side.


Beautiful pistols, are both FN/Browning?

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yes both FN GP35s but due to a paper work problem waiting to have them shipped (drove almost 500 miles round trip to pick them up), but than end up buying a S&W .455 hand ejector DA, a Swiss Ruebin 1896/P19 and a siamese mauser 1903

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