Another Tube refugee


New guy here, saw a lot of other firearm enthusiast mention this site after being duped by the Tube.


Hello. Unfortunately I came here too looking for an alternative but its rather empty and lifeless at the moment. Most likely due to the invite-only-to-post-videos policy. :frowning:


Same here. It’s like the lights are on here but nobody is home.


Hopefully they will loosen the policy. I imagine there will be a flood of people requesting to post, so it might end up being necessary. If Tim does open up to other exTubers, the sudden growth will test the servers and platform, and a need to grow quickly to keep up with demands is going to be interesting. If done right, with the proper funding and tech support, this thing could take off like a rocket. I like Tim, so I hope it does well, and hopefully before some ham-head comes out with a “gun tube.”


I’m home! But that’s because … I GOT BADASSITUDE! [air guitar solo]

A little Borderlands humor to lighten the mood. :wink:


I hope they add some channels also. I have had Full30 for a couple of years but mostly watched on youtube. However, in light of recent events I have been watching videos anywhere available besides youtube. When all of my subscriptions are available elsewhere I will delete my youtube account. I hope many end up here I like the video quality.


Same here. When that happens, I will post my first and only video on YT, titled “Why I Left YouTube Forever.”


Can’t wait for this site to pick up. I have videos that I would like to upload. I’m so pissed that YT let itself get taken over by cucks. I guess the social media platforms are where all the gender studies graduates go when they finish college.


Full30 needs to loosen it’s admittance policy or possibly make a separate section for “amateur” videos. There are tons of useful videos on YouTube that detail field stripping/cleaning weapons that the big names have never covered. I spent a few hours the other night downloading some to help me service my collection before they get yanked. We (including Full30) should be banding together now, not isolating ourselves from each other.


LOL, I’m more of a Skyrim kind of guy


Oblivion all the way. :wink:


Full30 will be opening it’s doors to all creators soon, and you can reserve your channel here

Our primary goal right now is to complete our system rebuild which will allow us to invite everyone to our platform without destroying the company in bandwidth cost. To give you an idea of what we are dealing with, if we opened our doors to everyone overnight, we would be hit with a $100,000 video processing and bandwidth bill in the first month.

I hope that this explanation addressed your concerns and we look forward to having you on board soon!