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Hello fellow Patriots! Thank you to Tactical Reviews for the invite and for all the work you do. I have always enjoyed your Twitter posts and videos and am glad to be part of the community you all are building here!

I live in a small town in Nebraska and own a custom manufacturing company. I am an Engineer by trade. My passion though is firearms, especially old military surplus, foreign and domestic. I am also a history buff and I’ve spent many years researching old stuff…Mosin Nagants, Arisakas, Mausers, etc. I am a small, private collector and have a decent assortment of modern firearms in addition to the relics.

Anyway, I wanted to drop a quick introduction, say thanks and I’m looking forward to learning even more from you all!


Welcome @CliffD
Great to have you here!


Welcome to full30!


Welcome to Full30 @CliffD Glad you made it over. Jump right in the water’s fine.

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Welcome to Full30. Glad you could join us.


welcome and have fun
as to your research - anything published?


I did a lot of the original work on the Mosin Nagant Wikipedia pages and a few other various online resources, but no, nothing formal or official. I do have a lot of private documentation from when I chased down “cartouches”, stamps and other markings found on many of these old rifles (mostly the Russian models). I should upload those documents someday in case it would help others who care to chase down one of their rifle’s history.



We may need an industry group after all



Welcome be sure to show off that collection!!


Welcome to Full30…:fist_right::fist_left:


Welcome @CliffD Glad you joined us here on the Forum!


Welcome! I was in a fast paced manufacturing environment for quite a while. I miss it but having weekends and nights off is really cool.


Thank you all for the welcome! This is a good group and I’m glad to be here with you all!




Welcome aboard!


Welcome to Full30, CliffD.