Another WTF is happening? thread




Ahhh, selling a completed 80% lower is already a crime.


@Robert, I wonder what the landscape will look like 10 years from now, I think the country is going to be divided more than ever! You either support the Second Amendment or you don’t!
I’m ready to throw out all the televisions in my house, I can’t stand it any longer the amount of lies and bullshit coming out of the TV it’s brainwashing the weak-minded public plain and simple.


I dumped cable a good 5 years ago, never looked back, best thing I ever did. When I want to watch something I use Kodi and stream it.


Good for you Tactical I’m not far behind!


We ditched cable almost 3 years ago and don’t miss it. Plus it saves us a ton of money.


There’s very little I can’t stream. Biggest problem is waiting 24 hours for new shows. Today I get to watch the Expanse.


The left and right side of the country is trying to use it’s size to eliminate the ideals of the rest of the country.

Try me they will lose