Anteris Alliance & Wheelchairs For Warriors Help Veterans

We had an amazing conversation a little while back with Anteris Alliance & Wheelchairs For Warriors. It really educated me on both of these organizations. I knew nothing about WfW and thought Anteris was simply a light version of SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range. I had no clue what they did to help both veterans and first responders.



Great information. We need to do all we can to support our veterans.


@Tactical_Reviews YEP! I am looking forward to attending the Try & Buy event before SHOT this year and hopefully get them more exposure for what they do rather than the cool toys there. I saddens me that for all these years the coverage has fallen short. I get that the toys are the cool part and the draw but for Pete’s sake, sneak in something on every video about that mission.


I can state my sincere appreciation for the information about Wheelchairs for Warriors and Anteris Alliance. Hope it can be a little “push” or motivation for those who really need it. Thanks