Anti freeze half water?


When did that happen?
$13 per gallon and it’s half water.
Wotta deal for someone.


Been doing it for quite a while now. Most people are too lazy to mix their own…so they capitalize on their laziness by charging them out the ass for water. It’s the American way!
I still buy the concentrate…I need all the concentration I can get :sunglasses:


Yep, definitely the scam of the century for the lazy LOL I too buy the concentrated and water down myself


I always keep an extra empty jug, then divide the concentrate between the two jugs and top off with distilled water.


In Texas, we rarely need the antifreeze part of it. We typically call it coolant down here. :hot_face:


Likewise down here in Arizona…aka the devils playground lol!


I have always run 60 to 70% antifreeze… but I deal with -30° F
Even in Washington I would head up into the mountains and see minus 15°F
During the heat I run the same… it cools better and prevents boil over. I used to head to Nevada for off road madness. Same with my bikes. Have traved into Baja twice


Been doing the same thing for 40 years. I drop the lower hose, drain out the old.
Then fill the radiator up with pure coolant. The water content comes from the old diluted stuff in the block. Ive never had a problem yet.


Who sells the concentrate version of antifreeze?
The stores around here all sell the watered down version.

Didja know that antifreeze is forbidden in race cars?
It’s too slippery on the track should it leak out of the engine.
There are special engine coolants for racing.
Or just water even though it’s somewhat slippery, too.
Just ask any motorcyclist.


Water wetter is one of the coolents used for racing. Though we were aloud to use anti freeze on our sport bikes.
I did off road racing so not an issue. Hahhaa