Anti-Gun Priest Says He’d Rather Let His Parishioners Die Than Allow Guns in his church

I suggest those are not Christians, the NWO one world religion is political correctness and the antigun agenda is high on their morals list

many wearing two faces confess to be Christian while worshiping at the altar of political correctness


Progressive Christians are not real Christians, imo. The powers that be have done what countless others have done by weaponizing religion and attempting to brainwash people. In the end they are agents of evil or at the very least misguided. I dont take them serious in their beliefs , and we should not have to surrender our guns to anybody but god. Do they seriously think our creator wants us defensless from evil? Or are they liars with an agenda? No idea but fuck them at the highest level.

Thats enough religous talk from me, I normally dont get into this stuff too much but it pisses me off for some reason.


Not necessarily.
In my past I lumped up a Baptist one for chasing a friends sister around his office when she was brought in for “counseling”
&^%$#@( evil everywhere.
Touch a kid - only one cure.



Don’t let it hinder your growth, fight the good fight, protect others and straighten yourself.


Catholics are one of the bigger more politicized relgions and probably the largest branch of Christianity.

If you put it in perspective its no surprise that they are suffering the most from what I consider “political terrorists”. A high up in the church pushed for these types to be implemented as a direct attack to Catholism, how better to destroy such a strong belief system then to poison it? If the people lose faith then it declines. As with most of the Western world and our culture we are under attack. Ever wondered why muslims can butcher people and no real labels get put on them by progressives yet they still bitch and condemn Christians for the crusades?

300 years ago these fuck wits in the hierarchy wouldnt be welcomed in the church or they would be excommunicated for their behavior ,maybe even executed.

Im as guilty as the next guy for badmouthing religion but these last few years have guided me back on path ,before too long I might actually pick the book up again and clear up my Sundays.

Now more than ever we need to preserve our beliefs not adapt to evil. I thought I was done …maybe not just needed whiskey.


They are nicer than God. As he demonstrates in his Bible (book).


No, I meant Catholic. Joe Bob was talking about Christians, when this priest is a Catholic. You can lump them all together as Christians, but only as much as you want to lump together, say, all pickup trucks. The same guys who will say, “no, it’s because it’s a Dodge, or a Chevy,” won’t say, “All pickups have bad front axles.” I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Just pointing out that he was Catholic. And I wasn’t even talking about pedophilia. But I digress.


Sorry I should have been more clear , I was grouping all Christians including Catholics together. Despite the history, wars, political and philosophical differences they are still in this together. This war against Christianity isnt against one part of it, its against the very core of Christian beliefs. I know there are many differences but I choose to view them as a whole. Like two feuding brothers with the same father.

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This here is on target,

“many wearing two faces confess to be Christian while worshiping at the altar of political correctness” @Robert

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Just pointing out that he was Catholic

There is some awesome irony in that term. It is a term Paul used, who is the apostle to the gentiles. The word means universal, which is Paul’s church. I use the term Paul loosely, as both New Testament churches are built on the same foundation. It is irony because the Romanists avoid Paul’s message of reconciliation like it is the plague. Sitting in the confessional with a “priest” doesn’t work if you have already been reconciled to God. Which all of you have. Reconciled is not saved. He is not holding your trespasses against you, but you need to receive his life. That is salvation. Moving from death to life.