Antifa Brings AR-15s To Seattle Counter Pro-Constitution Rally



To me, I want to slip into my gear and go stand guard… but what would that do? Yeah…
The stupid is growing. I will water that stupid and help it grow when the time comes. Until then, I sit back and watch… observing…
Invest in ammo


I’ll be back - going to the store for ammo…


Much like mainstream society see Militias as rabble with guns this image has to be portrayed towards armed Antifas.


Can you imagine the look on all their faces when you triple tap the leader in the chest with some HPBT 556, then drop the 3 guys standing next to him?
I am on the fence. Semi auto 50 BMG or a belt fed 249 or M-60?
If you have to slaughter the zombie hordes… what would make the longest lasting impression? :thinking:
Should I really go full Mad Max and have a sawed off shotgun?
How many scalps should I wear, to let others know I enjoy eating others?
When SHTF… these fantasy land wannabes are going to have an embolism while they piss themselves.