The American public had learned the disturbing truth pertaining to Federal and State antigun policy and rhetoric. And that painful truth will shortly be revisited upon them and with a vengeance. This is a major concern for the forces that dare to crush a free Constitutional Republic and a free people, and it is all part of their plan for complete domination over the individual American citizen.
Antigun laws and policies aren’t meant—were never meant—to create a cohesive, stable society, to protect public safety and order. They were meant—are meant and were always meant—to hobble the American people, to subordinate the citizenry to Government. This is contrary to the import and purport of the U.S. Constitution. The framers of the Constitution intended for the American people to be sovereign, not for Government to assume that role, else tyranny looms.
Through the incorporation of the Nation’s Bill of Rights into the Constitution, and especially through the exercise of the natural, fundamental right of free speech and the right of the people to keep and bear arms, the citizenry would have and was meant to have the ability to keep a powerful, deceitful, jealous Government and a riotous majoritarian mob, operating at the behest of a tyrannical Government, both in check, and thereby maintain its sovereignty over those forces that would dare to usurp the natural sovereignty of the people.

Obviously, the enactment of unlawful, restrictive gun laws and unlawful policies, together with—as we are seeing today—unprecedented restrictions on free speech are designed not to benefit the American citizenry but to harm it, and to do so irreparably, by removing from Americans the only effective means by which and through which Americans can maintain their sovereignty over Government: through exercise of the natural, fundamental right of each individual to speak his or her own mind and through the right of each to own and to possess firearms in defense of self and family and to prevent the unlawful encroaching usurpation of power by and the onset of tyranny by the State.

Restrictions on sacred rights are meant to tear down society. And the subordination of the Self to the group Collective is antithetical to the tenets of Individualism upon which our Nation was constructed and upon which it grew and flourished. The forces that crush intend to create something wholly alien to our Nation’s history and traditions and culture.

The public meets with waves upon waves of new laws, policies, and initiatives, all meant to defeat this thing ‘systemic racism’ that doesn’t even exist except in the feverish minds of politicians and fanatics, who create a dangerous reality out of nightmarish fantasy harking back to a long ago, dead past. The forces that crush conjured up this fiction of systemic racism as a ploy to tear down the sanctity and inviolability of the individual. The inculcation of the bizarre and ludicrous doctrine of critical race theory now hawked as legitimate science, to be added to the curriculum of public school and higher education, has at its apparent objective the goal of raising up one ethnic group at the expense of the other, which, in itself is dubious and disheartening. In truth indoctrinating young Americans and old in this new doctrine of critical race theory is psychologically debilitating to everyone. It isn’t meant to mend feelings among ethnic groups. The opposite is true. It is meant to sow divisiveness and division, discord and discontent, suspicion and hatred among the masses, thereby creating a means by which a small, ruthless elite ruling class can easily subjugate and control the rest of us.

The actions of the obstructers and destructors of our Nation do long-lasting if not irreparable harm to the health, safety, and well-being of the populace. It is not something they worry about. It is not something they care about. They see this as necessary to their agenda for absolute control over the population. It is their intention to fracture, destabilize, and tear down society. Once that is accomplished they will then engineer a different social, political, economic, and cultural order from the rubble of the old.

A substantial segment of the population sees the intentions of the destroyers of our Country clearly. But, another substantial segment of the population does not. Those that do not have been conditioned to believe that President Trump was an autocrat, a danger to Democracy. it is all false. It is all a ruse.

The Democrats had no one to offer as a palatable replacement, other than a feeble, shell of a man, Joe Biden.


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