Any 1911's in 10mm with short barrels out there?


Any 1911’s chambered in 10mm out there with a 4" or less barrel? Looking at possible future carry options instead of my Star BM.

Found an RIA with a 4.25" barrel but would like a little shorter if possible.


Sounds like a reliability nightmare just waiting to happen to me.


How so?


compact/subcompact 1911s are plagued with reliability issues. I’ve honestly never heard of one offering that was worth its salt. I can’t imagine a 10mm one being any darling to shoot either. Not shy of recoil by any means, but an unreliable platform thats also unpleasant to fire sounds like a disaster


I had one of these with no issues

I think the bull barrel may have been a +



Is that a 4" barrel? Looks sweet. Does it come in 10mm? I suppose a 4.25" barrel would be ok.


Think it was a 3.5"

its a 45 out of production, shoots a V flame, awesome fun gun

somewhat collectors, when the market is hot so are the prices

this is a good buy

and there is a V12 counterpart if you get one and love it


That is a great buy. What’s the V12?


Govt size

harder to find


Ah so a Commander size? Pretty neat. There is a smallish Witness in 10mm but the reviews aren’t great.


Glock 29/29sf has a 3.78" barrel!

Not your cup of tea, but it fits into your barrel question


I appreciate the suggestion but as good as Glocks are they definitely are not my cup of tea. I loathe them when I have to use one. I’m just too much of a steel frame guy I suppose. But having said that too bad the PPQ subcompact isn’t chambered in 10mm. That’s a polymer I would consider in 10mm since the witness seems to be unreliable with a short barrel. .


that v10/12 had a BIN of $600
it has a vented barrel and slide which would help with muzzle control, but I wonder how long the slide would last with the potential jet cutting?


One would hope you wouldn’t have to put too many rounds through it to maintain muscle memory…?


@Mister_Torgue Off topic but I got an e-mail from AIM Surplus and thought of you.


Heh, guess you could tell I’m obsessed with them eh! If I was rich I’d buy them all! I really hope that dude on here reproduces them.


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@switchpod That is just wrong… but funny.


I deny any and all involvment regarding that meme…