Any Enfield Experts?

I have a #5 JC that is a 5 for sure.
However there is a lot of conflict in the community as to its original manufacture.
I think it is a Ishapore refurb but some it may be a Fazakerly early production (3 digit serial).


Post some pics of the gun, specially of any markings.


it should have a date stamps on the barrel and how sure are you that it is a No5?

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What they ^^^^ said.
Pops #4, a damn fine shooter too.


It has all the machining of a #5 so without a doubt it is.
But all the #5 markings are either removed or never were on it.
Here is the markings.
The rifle itself:



5-6 5-7 5-10 5-11

The original cocking piece I replaced for convenience

It is sort of a mystery rifle.


what is the makers code and range on the rear sight?

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The sight that came on the rifle was 1200 meter sight that I do not think was original.
Also the rear sight ring when folded down was machined off or sheared off. (Damn clean shear if it was)
So I replaced the sight with a repro from Numrich.
The bayo is a repro as well.

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  • it’s not a ROF(f) because it is missing the factory codes.
    The D stands for Dew Lapped barrel, it may have been rebarreled in 44, star or crescent are not a common mark - it could be an Ish if that is GRI stamp next to the Circle D
    any stamping on the magazine?
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The stamping next to the circle D is just too faint to make out.
As far as the mag goes there are 2 sets of numbers.
and I think it says 834.
The 8 is incomplete and a different font than the 3 so I think it is an 8.