Any retro fans here?


My addition. All new made except for the furniture and slip ring.


LOVE the retro rifles!!




Yes, I’m a fan. I enjoy my Colt M16A1 kit build.


1979 SR1


It looks like y’all could use one of these to complete the look.


Like this?


Was a Colt marked bayonet on an SP1


Does “retro inspired” count?

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Same here. It’s on the short list of future acquisitions.


Brownells retro line is something to behold!


I love the originals.


I do. How could I not? They’ve gotten a bit pricey I see. Keep mine on:
Web belt with canteen and GI .45/w holster + 2 mag pouch 3/30 rnd AR mags in GI pouch make a nice SHTF strap and go.


Not enough wood except @CloverTac mod for furniture. These new ones are pretty nice, the real retros not so much.:thinking:


Have to go to the porn thread for wood


That makes for a Grr-arand time, or maybe not M16 but M1-A?


IDK, FAL for sure


Of course one could swing the other way in the political spectrum and try SK-AK stuff.:sweat_smile:


Here is what you get when you live with a foreigner.
She said, Oh I like retro fans, here is a picture of my grand mothers…


As far as the thread goes. I only use the USGI 20rd mags. Its what I carried, and am used to.
The 30s do not reload as fast. I gave those to the wife, daughter and grand daughter.


I have all of Stoner’s 5.56mm retro children.


Outstanding! May I be your friend?