Anybody dye their magazines or other polymer parts?


Anybody got any recipes if they do?


I used a pot with 15 cups of water,4 capfulls of peacock green,2 capfulls of sandstone,and 2 drops of dark brown,did each mag individual for about 5 minutes turning every 60 seconds (eyeball it till color was achieved. This is the green result i got. Like it a lot.


They turned out Good!


Those were sand. Im going to experiment with changing fde over to that too


Maybe call it dark foliage?


That name works👍


Wait, this is a thing?! Oooooh. Wife will be interested in this for our (her) AR’s PMAGS.


As long as they are lighter than the color you want


I like to color fill some of them. I’ve seen some that have been engraved also. I haven’t done it myself but have considered it.


you’re saying the magazine color has to be lighter than the color you’re trying to dye it? have you experimented on bleaching the color? if the standard cheap Black Mags can be bleach to a light close to white color, then you could dye it almost anything I would think. we’ll call it the"how bad can I f* up my PMAG challenge" LOL


Lmao! Well i did try the mag caps and floor plates out first with sandstone only to see what it looked like. Didnt care for it so i tried to bleach them back out. It didnt really do much. I imagine if it didnt do much on that light color black would be impossible.


But yeah…if you got some light colored mags (like sand) you can dye them whatever you want. Takes some experimenting. Good news is if the color becomes too screwed up you can always dye them black lol.


Bad news is its getting harder to find sand mags. Im going to try to grab a few fde and coyote mags before i get home and see what i can do with them. They seem to be in good supply.


if you do try to bleach out some black ones let me know how it works please.


Bleach and metal don’t mix well. You will f*^k it up. Assuming there’s some metal in there. But maybe just paint the outside with some bleaching gel?


even bleeped out, I’m shocked & appauled by that type of language !:astonished: I’ve never heard , seen, or used such language here! Consider yourself flagged & reported young lady!!!


just polymer. Disassemble first