Anybody else in the southeast get hit by the storms yesterday?


Wow. Is that your house? I hope everyone is ok. We had a storm system roll through Michigan yesterday. The forecasters were predicting Icemageddon, but it missed us thankfully.


It was snow for us before bad storms for you all in the SE. We ended up with just over 3” of snow before the sun came out and melted it.

^ I had some fun


Just lots of rain here and tornadoes in neighboring counties. I’m sorry to see that damage and glad you are ok.


It rained in Tennessee. They did a Tornado warning because they don’t know what a tornado looks like.


There was a tornado or two here. Not in our area tho. This was from hurricane force straight winds


Here in SE Missouri there were big rains Friday night leading to some flooding. The river is normally about a 100 yards from the backyard, way over by the hill. Went for gas and groceries before sunrise Saturday, had to drive through foot deep water to get back to the house, it would be about 4 foot deep in that spot now, got all that nasty salt on my undercarriage rinsed off anyway. Hoping it is down enough to get to work tomorrow. Good thing is I have not heard of any injuries here.


Sorry about your house. That’s a lot of repair.


yikes :grimacing: not envious of any of that


Sorry to hear that. I’m glad the family is alright.


Ugh. Hope everyone is safe and the house sustained minimum damage.

Apparently we had a tornado and high winds go through just a little North of us last night. I slept right through it and was surprised to read about it this morning. :neutral_face:


Had a lady from Conway Mo get drowned at a low water crossing Friday night.About five miles north west of us.


Bummer, I hadn’t heard that news yet.


2 Tornado warnings no damage but a lot of rain and wind. Warning sirens went off three times. Rough stuff on Friday.
Hope you get your house fixed back up, sorry to see the damage.


Power got knocked out, an hour or two before dark, Saturday. From the sound that I heard, and statements made by a neighbor, my guess is that a tree or large limb fell and hit the lines or a pole, which led to a transformer blowing or blowing a fuse on the transformer (we have some experience with hearing those fuses blow).

Power was out for 5 or 6 hours, and it was a while before I saw any indication that a crew was in the area, so they were probably kept busy with other outages.


Some of us in the Nashville area know what a tornado looks like. In 1998, I was watching the clouds during a tornado warning, thinking that it looked kinda like a tornado was trying to form, but that it couldn’t be a tornado, because tornadoes don’t get that big. I ran back inside when a few softball size hailstones started hitting the ground. We lost an apple tree to the wind, but somehow the hail seemed to miss anything other than the ground.

A while later, the news was reporting that yes, tornadoes do get that big. A tree fell on somebody around Centennial Park, on the west side of Nashville, near where the tornado touched down, and there were various reports of damage as the tornado crossed downtown Nashville.

On the east side of Nashville, Cornelia Fort airport had a single-engine Cessna 172 picked up from the airport ramp and tossed over a hangar to land in the bed of a pickup in the parking lot. People working at the airport saw a twin engine Piper Navajo picked up and spun like a top with it’s nose pointed at the ground, then set back on the ground upright, with minimal damage. Several planes were written off as complete losses, and others required extensive repair.