Anybody Got Those Grand Babies?


Here are two of my three grand daughters on a recent trip to, yep, you guessed it, the local gun shop! Now Pop has to keep singles around for a whole other reason. LOL


Precious, thanks for starting the thread, should be a good one!


I have three but we don’t post any pictures on line of them other than private messenger. Call me paranoid but that’s just how we are.


@Jtr i understand, not an issue for me, mommy and mimi post WAY more of them than i ever would! @Robert yeah after seeing the better half thread, thought this might be cool. mine are not old enough to really shoot guns yet but we have already started archery with all three… though we don’t get much from the little one. LOL


Here is my granddaughter, age 6, first day of kindergarten earlier this year.


First day, was she happy or scared?


She was very happy and excited! She went on and on about everything that first day, not the least bit scared or shy.


That will take her far, and make you proud!!


This is the newest one, a great-granddaughter.


LOL, what she’s thinking is clear



I read that as ‘Garand Babies’. I was about to go grab my Springfield. This thread is much better.


@ThisOldGun in certain parts of the country it is probably pronounced that way anyhow