Anyone buy from classic firearms?

I’m finding it impossible to buy something and have it shipped to my FFL because it’s not in their list. I cannot find where to add the address manually, is that not possible?

Because of it isn’t possible I won’t give them my business.

I had my FFL get what I wanted from them.
Just brought him the product discription and code he did the rest
maybe cost me a few dollars more but easy-peasy.

I like Classic. Decent stuff.

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I want a mil surp so that won’t work right?

Yea I like less complication. It was a breeze to order from J&G and Joe Bobs Outfitters.

I’m tempted to forget the Zastava for now and move on to something else.

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Just order what you want from classic and give your FFL holder classic’s Fax number, and your order number. Your FFL will send in his FFL info to classic firearms and he will be on file for a year with them.

No zastava? Boo. You know you want one!

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true, but they keep sending me the stuff I order!

Case and point I order form Atlantic firearms 3 weeks ago with no FFL info. they called me up and asked where I wanted my item to ship to. They all just want the money!

Nothing yet. getting over food poising from fast food on Friday still.

I hate the required signature as well due to me being a worker bee and living in the middle of a quiet location there is no risk of someone steeling something from the door step. I have had a hard time dealing with Atlantic in the past, but in some cases they are the only ones with the stuff I may need to finish a build.
with a hat tip to @ThisOldGun


I do. But it’ll have to wait.

what has your eye now?

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On the other hand … classic firearms has started to charge a lot for shipping and other things too.
There regularly prices are starting to skyrocket!!!

I like CZ pistols, but $1234.00 for a PCR is extremely over priced.


Shoot, most idiots down here in Phoenix have their used Glocks listed pretty close to that.
Never thought I’d see the day of the $1k Glock…but then, people are idiots in general.