Anyone else get separation anxiety?



Hell. I don’t even fly somewhere without my EDC being checked in. So, naturally there are some stated (cough, California, Cough, New York…) that I don’t visit. I typically stay with places that honor my CWP.

So I do get a little bit of Separation Anxiety but I know in a few hours I will be reunited.


I do I do




No, of course I don’t! :lying_face:


YES! As a federal employee I am not allowed to carry at work so I spend more time than I care for without a firearm in reach. I can’t even have a knife longer than 2 7/8 inch but then the ESEE Junglas I keep with me is technically a small machete, within the rules. :wink:


Since getting very ill on a cross country flight, my solution to this problem is not to fly anymore.
If I can’t get there by car I just don’t go.
And if I watch the speed limit nobody treats me like a criminal, either.
See how simple life can be?


Safe on board. Bolted to 8 in I beam underneath. Rarely fly. This toyhauler is “loaded”


Been consistently overseas for about 3 years now. I go home once every now and then, but it’s never enough. I still have to remind myself that I’m not missing something when I do my daily waistline pat-down check when I go out. Granted I get to carry a few rifles with fun-switches, but it’s not my gear, it’s Uncle Sam’s.


Oh yes… but when I cannot carry a firearm (very rarely) I carry a blade. (Ok, I always have a blade) and if I cannot carry that? I check to see what’s around me to use at any given moment. :grin::crossed_swords:


I get separation feelings, but not anxiety.


LOL when in Jamaica - I steal the biggest knife I can from the resort first thing. The place is like typical craphole demoncrap city. Beset with crime violence and murder. Oh those sons huh?