Anyone else into forge work?


My other hobby besides shooting and gunsmithing is forge work.

I make knives…

…other weapons…

…other stuff…




Wow beautiful blade


Do you forge Damascus ?


Your Damascus is awesome, the cross looks like it has a lot of layers, that Bowie :heart_eyes: what size file was used, how big is the Bowie knife.


Bowie was a standard horse rasp. Blade ended up at 12", I don’t remember the overall length.


Yes, I forge my own pattern-welded steel.





Beautiful work
I admire craftsmenship


I have a YT vid on the process, but I don’t see an icon for videos…is it legit to post YT vids here in the forums or are those restricted to channel owners?

sry…I R n00b here.


This would be a nice post


YT is fine to post


@stimpsonjcat beautiful work!!


Do you have a channel on YT?


Hell with YT either here on the community channel or get his own Full30 channel


@stimpsonjcat Hey Bruce. Thank you for starting this thread. And please keep posting your forging projects.

I used to make pretty nice knives when I was a teenager , but always by material removal. And the whole aspect of forging just fascinates me. Damascus even more so.

I also used to dabble in jewelry and made this little cross out of gold wire… you could make it out of iron (larger of course) if you’d like. I think it would look super cool as a forged piece.

Let me make it real quick out of annealed iron wire and take a pic. I think I remember the design.

Here it is. Obviously I used to hammer this flat for jewelry. Again, this was super quick. That is why the loops are not even, and this wire is obviously less soft that a much thinner gold wire, but it should give you the idea. The cutoff points are at the bottom. You should be able to see them.


Cool! What’s the scale?


I think this should link to the first vid in the playlist for the rasp Bowie…

tl/dw: just give me short version


It is about 3" tall/long