Anyone else into forge work?


I love working with hot stuff


It’s like a bacon-press for metal! :rofl:


Mmmmm, bacon!


Mmmmmm bacon… :yum:


Machine gun Bacon


I stand in awe of folks who create projects that satisfy visual directions, but also are useful as are tools and other items that have purpose. I am exceedingly impressed with @moisinvirus work in metals, perhaps you guys can ‘compare notes’


Already a subscriber of his. :smiley:


Current knife project. Homemade Damascus.

Shot of wavy pattern on blade edge (not ground at all in this section yet)

Side shot, hard to see the pattern

Other side


Sweet! You can see it, just a lot of scale in the way.
I would love to get into that some day.

I have to build a forge first. Do you use propane on your forge?


Very nice work!


Fantastic work!!!


Wow! Amazing Work!


I am very much into forge work, but first I need to get space, forge, anvil, tools, oh and… knowledge.

Cant wait to see more


I have both a propane and a coal forge. Most bladework happens in the propane forge.

Where are you located?




Well that is not close enough for you to come play in the forge. Pity.


He may be motivated by the temperature there :cold_face: