Anyone else like compact suppressor setups?


The Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm with the Dead Air Odessa has been one of our favorite compact pistol combos to demo. We was impressed with the sound performance from such a thin suppressor. The adjustability it comes with just gives the end user so many options! If your looking from a pistol can go demo one!



I have a Dead Air Sandman-K for my rifle. I love a compact suppressor. I don’t need hearing safe, I just want all of the other benefits of a suppressor on my rifle.

I do want a 9mm suppressor, and I’m dying the configurable Dead Air Ghost-M. Long and short configuration.

Pretty excited about a suppressed PCC.


The ghost is a great can. Even better now that they have lowered the price!


Crazy small set up


Been wanting to get a suppressor for a while. Had a company that was going to give me one for review, I just needed to take care of the tax stamp. Didn’t have the cash then. Kicking myself for not getting it. I may have to look in to find something again, small for a Glock 26.


The Thompson poseidon and gemtech aurora are tworking good small cans. Botherwise use wipes. If you want a can without look at cgs kraken sk and the dead air odessa



How ironic, a first post with no words…only a photo of silenced rifles…

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Oh yes… LLIGHTENING BUG is mine… the other one is a client’s. The Energetic Armament NYX Mod 2 is awesome


This is my personal daily carry. LWRC with AAC MINI 4
It is NOT hearing safe… but, in a situation where I need to use it, I will not be looking for hearing protection… and I need something short. This is on a 14.5 inch barrel. Good little suppressor for what it is.