Anyone else losing weight?


hello all,

I’m in the middle of losing weight. So far I’m down 75 lbs. I started in August of 2017. So far, all i’ve done is caloric counting. I’m not exercising, or eating a special diet. Just making sure my calories stay in a deficit.

I wanted to see if I’m the only one, on here, who wants to/is losing weight.


I lost some 15 pounds over the past 6 weeks, but that might have something to do with my surgery.

Well done by the way. Having a 500 calorie deficit per day will lose you about a pound a week.


500 deficit off of 2000?


Not me I stay between 165 to 170 . But my wife has lost around 70 to 80 pounds by watching her diet and jogging.


500 off of your calorie use. If you use 2000 a day, then aim for 1500 intake. One pound is about 3500 calories. If you exercise and burn 500 calories, then you take in 2000 because your body used 2500. There’s sites that help you determine what you use and need in a day.


I’m actually trying to stay under 1850 a week. Originally, I got down to about 1700. Then my body started going into starvation mode, and stopped losing weight. So I had to get my metabolism to do a hard reset. Once that finished, I started at 1900 again, and kept going from there.

I’m trying to get around 170lbs before Christmas.


actually, I’ve found it doesn’t have to be that much. idk what my intake was originally. but i track every crumb I intake now, and I’ve found my deficit numbers.

Ofc, these are my deficit numbers. Not anyone else’s.


Oh I need to… 24 years ago I was 205 pounds. Got divorced and I went down to 145 and was quite the athlete. Then a few extra MC wrecks… thyroid issues… and a whole host of other issues I am at 210
So… a few things have changed for me, so I am going to be able to watch what I eat and I hope the pounds will drop off. I want to be in the 165 range. I was happy there. I am approaching 50 and I have lost an inch of my height due to my injuries. But zero excuse.


That’s awesome @mattig89ch! I did that a year and a half before I met my wife. Lost about ~80 lbs. after a serious health event scared me in to working out and eating healthy.

Now 11 years later my physical condition has deteriorated (surgeries and arthritis) and I have a hard time doing rigorous activity so I’ve gained it all back. BUT, that’s an excuse. Mark my words I’m starting the process again to drop this weight back off. It’ll just take longer.

So keep up the good work! The destination is worth the sacrifice 100%.



Congratulations on your weight loss thus far. Hope you lose all the weight that you want to.

I am starting my latest weight loss program today. Targeting losing minimum 15 pounds, preferably 25 pounds. No set timeline, but hopefully by year end.


Lost ¾" in height when I had my back surgery so I feel ya! Took out pretty much the majority of my L5-S1 disc and the next one up is bulging…so that’s next.

The most important thing is lifestyle change (don’t eat 3~4 hrs before bed, etc), removing processed sugar from diet completely and moderation on portions. You don’t have to starve yourself or take out foods you enjoy just moderate when and how much you eat and you can easily lose a good amount of weight. It’s only when you hit that first wall where exercise and adding the right nutrients into your diet becomes increasingly important.



I, too, have lost an inch in height since my early adulthood, but not from any surgery. Too bad losing fat is not as easy!


Not necessarily, depends on your TDEE, or total daily energy expenditure. An active or more musclar person will have a higher TDEE than someone sedentary. So 500 off your maintenance calories.


@JohnB from what I’ve learned, you should expect to lose between 1 and 2 pounds a week. Anything more is un-healthy. Also, from what I’ve learned, people who drop so much weight so fast tend to gain it all back in short order (think the biggest loser folks).

If you want to lose weight though, you can do it! I didn’t think I could for the longest time, then I just hit a wall of ‘fuck it, lets do this’ and off I went. Calorie counting works for me, but every diet has benefits and risks. Def drop me a line if you want to learn more.

@Mister_Torgue ouch, sorry to hear that mate. But you def can lose weight, if you want to. There are all kinds of ways, and you need to find the best way for you. For some, thats calorie counting, for others thats cutting out carbs, and others like the keto diet. The result is the same, they’re all losing weight.



Thanks for your feedback and supportive comments.

yeah, I really need to think about how to lose the weight. I eat a lot less sugar nowadays due to my having Type 2 diabetes, but still more than I should. That will be one of the areas I focus on in my new weight loss program.


I’m doing something similar as well.

The difference of a simple diet change can be huge.

Keep up the great work everyone!


I went into full Keto mode the week of Thanksgiving (why, I don’t know) two years ago now? I’m big into fitness/lifting and it got rid of the last 15 lbs I wanted gone. I kept it up for about a year. I carb cycle now and did gain a little of it back, but not much. I also got so busy I had to cut my exercise routine in half, so it was probably more that + carb cycling rather than one or the other. To make up for it I try to fast 12-16 hours one or two days a week and that seems to be working.

Altogether though I’ve lost about 30lbs. My metabolism died in grad school and I gained 30lbs in those 2 years. Exercise is a must but you cant outrun a bad diet and I learned that the hard way. :joy:



What did you get your graduate degree in?


Good for you! However, would you stopping? Every-time you lose weight I seem to find it.



Actually, I have a theory about that. That is, that whenever someone is losing weight, someone near them gains weight.

Maybe you live nearby? LOL