Anyone else losing weight?


John -

I got mine in mental health counseling. I run a full time mental health practice and all that time at a desk is what helped me gain so much weight. :joy:


If you don’t exercise along with the diet, you might just become a smaller fat person.



I spent almost my entire career in I.T. - So, I was a desk jockey, too.

So, yeah, I know about sitting at a desk leading to weight gain.

Regarding your mental health counseling - do you counsel autistic people (too)?



you are right. but I already exercise quite a bit / can’t add much to it (too much wear and tear on my body). So, that is why I focus on the diet/eating side of things.


That happens to us. Anytime one of loses weight the other gains it, lol.



Yeah, that is so common. I actually usually refer to it as " what is lost, is found by those near you".


Is that the null sum theory?



more likely the zero sum game.

“Null” refers to a lack of a value, so you really could not add, or subtract, with it (normally).


So you talk to a lot of democrats?


That might actually explain my dads weight loss. Seems like he gained weight as I lost it.


I actually work in IT. I work 3-12 hour days in a data center. Those days, I have to snack smart. Cause simply not snacking is not an option for me.


Also, you may want to look into keto. I say may, because I don’t think I could do it. But I’m not diabetic either, otherwise I think I would give it a shot. Here’s a video from a youtuber that has diabetes, he explains why he switched to keto, and actually goes in depth about sugars and eating. I put it in spoilers in case nobody else wanted to watch it.


ha! too true.

So far, I haven’t found an exercise I can stick to regularly. Other then taking a brisk walk around the block on my lunch break.

:man_shrugging: we do what we can.


John - I have counseled people with autism in the past, but I generally don’t do it now unless they’re very, very high functioning. It’s just a slightly different skill set that I don’t quite have.


My daughter did Keto. She’s neither overweight nor diabetic. She swears she just feels better. “Not so gross” is the term she used, lol.


I did it once, I can do it again. I just have a lot on my plate so what happens is I over eat at night, I am so busy I do not exercise…
That will change… very soon…


Thats great to hear! It can work really well for some people.


I gotta drop 40 LBS before i join the navy next summer. I stay away from the sugary drinks, and processed food. Honestly, just eating smaller serving of my mothers home cooked meals helps. No fast food. Low sodium.



Thank you very much for the video. Interesting. Will look further into keto diet.

Do you have a gym in your building where you work? I did and made great use of it.
Whether you use/have a gym in your building, if you have a place to store things (desk, locker, etc), you could bring in either small weights or other small exercise devices so that you could take short exercise breaks.

Having the little exercise breaks at work helped energize me and keep my weight down.



Good luck, either way.

My experience was that regardless of the amount of the weight, making use of weights can really help. Food for thought…



Thanks for the feedback.

Autistics seem to all share in common a trait of being more specialists than generalists.

What kinds of people do you mostly counsel?