Anyone else losing weight?


So far, no. I just power walk around the block, that tends to cover around 3-4k steps. My daily goal is 6k. So that and taking the long way back to my desk, I tend to be able to make that goal most day.s



walking certainly is generally good for you. I have, of late, done way too much walking. Now, I have to cut back and walk much less. But, from your description, it does not sound like too much. Good luck, either way!


Weight lifting is definitely great for losing weight. Most weight gain later in life is due to losing muscle mass. If you go that route, though, its definitely better to track yourself with measurements than on the scale. It’ll also give you an afterburner effect - not as much as HIIT, but it does take extra energy to repair those muscles.

John - I used to work pretty exclusively with gang members and people with schizophrenia and PTSD, when I did community/nonprofit work. Now I mostly treat run of the mill depression and anxiety in adults and teenagers.


I just read an article on exercise that sez recent studies show that weight lifting (and exercise machines) contributes more aerobic exercise than any other type of exercise.
Even better than running and walking.
The reason is because weight training is more effective than cardio at building muscle, and muscle burns more calories at rest than some other tissues, including fat.
Because of this, it is commonly said that building muscle is the key to [increasing your resting metabolism.
It’s actually a lot more complicated, but a web search on the subject will find many articles to explain it in depth.


This is something to consider . Forty years ago when I was wrestling in high school to make and maintain our weight we would eat several small meals a day . That way we boosted the metabolism and didn’t let ourselves get hungry because that way we could avoid over eating.


I’ve heard strength training is better for you, but its not something I’m able to do. I work 3 consecutive 12 hour days, and have an hour commute each way. that means I work 14 hour days, 3 days a week (and a six hour day immediately before it). So I can’t really get a routine going.

On top of that, I always hit a wall of ‘I don’t want to do this’. And I haven’t found a way past that yet.

Walking is something I can do during my lunch break, and I can find an excuse to do at home (take the dog for a walk).

If I had a more regular work routine, I might be able to join a gym and go 3 days a week or so. Then use the excuse of ‘I’m here, might as well do it’ instead of taking 4 days off of exercise, then exercising 3 days strait.

@LibertyDoll that’s important work, though it doesn’t sound like your enjoying it.


Has anyone ever tried the liberal approach? Wear a t-shirt declaring your body a fat free zone! Or my personal favorite excuse, “I’m not fat, it’s just fur, My winter coat is coming in!”


I think sugar is a big challenge for many. I love to bake, which doesn’t help, but have been trying new recipes that use less sugar and more protein. It’s fun to experiment but the results are often mixed!


Nice! My career started in chemical dependency, primarily dual diagnosed adolescents, then shifted my degree to HR and now I don’t do eirher!


That’s a difficult schedule! Maybe try some body weight exercises at lunch to help build muscle? Walking lunges, squats, pushups. It’ll also help you get your form down while you figure out the scheduling issues.


Have you tried Swerve?


I haven’t even heard of it! I’ll have to look it up.


That’s not a bad idea. And I do get an hour and a half for my breaks. However, I don’t really have any personal space either. I share a cubicle, and an office. And the only nearby gym (planet fitness) requires your personal banking information when you sign up (or so I was told by the receptionist when I asked about it). Others have said they didn’t have the same thought, I know. But that’s what they told me at the front desk.

I could go outside, but with winter coming on, its going to be hard enough getting my walking done. Much less trying to find places in the parking lot to do other exercises.

Thanks for the idea though!


@mattig89ch you could get some ankle weights or a weight belt that divers use, also some free weights in a pack if you don’t live in a big city where backpacks get searched. One thing that I did, jump rope 10 or 15 dollars is all a good one costs and in no time you’ll be a lean mean fighting machine. :muscle:


Mattig89ch - oh I enjoy it just fine. Just burned out lately - I run my own practice, which I’m in the process if moving to a new office, and it’s officially the holidays so I get a lot of emergency phone calls, lol.

Aly.bel - nice! Funny how that happens, haha. Most of the people I know with degrees ended up doing something completely different too


@Jeff300 Ankle weights might be a good idea for me. tbh, I had completely forgot that they even existed.

does jump rope really work well for exercises? The last time I even heard the term, I was in high school.

@LibertyDoll ah, I understand. Maybe you should take a vacation after the holidays are over? I know my own therapist took a month off in July.


15lbs down…Keto with Intermittent Fasting works well for me!


Me too. Just started trying to be sensible around October and lost 8 over Thanksgiving. Started low carb the day after Christmas and lost another 7 since.


nice! I gained 10 lbs during the holidays. Between the 16th and the 2nd. 10.1 lbs to be exact. Back to calorie counting. First day at the office was today…that was not easy.


/deep sigh