Anyone else losing weight?


I think I’ve had a mental shift towards food. I can’t really explain it, but I’m finding it easier to resist those seconds and easier to put a reasonable amount on my plate. That’s how it started. If I’m full, I’m done. This used to be hard for me. If the food was good, I’d always want a large portion and probably go back for more. Now to combat that ‘8PM and I want dessert’ problem.


What I enjoy about keto is that i’m rarely hungry. That’s a super fantastic perk! And cravings for carbs and sugar are basically eliminated eventually.


I was going to do Keto. But I can’t handle the micro counting and balancing all that. I would quickly lose interest. So I decided to just do super low carb.


I wanted to do a bacon and eggs keto and the Mrs said no


I’m doing the chicken and dumplings diet tonight . It’s great to be a skinny old man who can eat anything and not gain a pound!


Fine, rub it in. See if I care :sob:


Keto does sound amazing. But my issue is, I like my breads. Heck, I’m probably addicted to carbs. But I’m ok with that. but there’s no way I could simply (cold turkey) no carbs. Its just not who I am, and I would give up very quickly in trying. But lower calories, that I can do.


Cold turkey is hard. This is my 3rd go on Keto. The first was prescribed. Doc was hoping it would improve a medical condition. I gave it a whirl but was miserable. 2nd time, my heart just wasn’t in it. I think this time I actually am in a place where I can do it and stick to it! And not having carb and sugar and hunger cravings once you’re in ketosis is awesome! I feel better and am seeing progress!

Whatever works for you is great! Nutrition is personal.


So update… I was at 238… I stopped weighing myself.
This was around July
I am 189 today…( do not count the weight unless I stay there for 3 days)
I have 30 more to go.
I normally do the Atkins diet… but I have had to start the calorie limit now that I am older. 1200 to 1400 a day. It is working and I feel so much better. People can see it now and comment. I am going to try to aim for 10 pounds a month, no more.


Oh, and something else I am doing. So I eat a lot of onions, broccoli, carrots, and cucumbers. I just ate a 9 inch pealed cucumber. Granted I had 100 calories of Cesar dressing with it… I ate the whole thing.
I will have a can of chicken chunks with celery and onions and 1.5 tablespoons of mayo in the morning. It is 200 calories of chicken… I can usually eat about 1/2 of this in the morning, the rest for lunch. Or I will have tuna… either one.
For dinner, pork or chicken, sometimes beef. Cooked in butter or olive oil with veggies.
Every 2 to 3 days, one package of top ramen with 2 eggs that are cooked in with the noodles.
This is about 600 calories for dinner…
I say this because I keep it simple. And… I DO NOT over buy. I only pick up enough for that night or 2 days. Then I go shopping again. No extra food to tempt me! I only cook a little bit.
Night time is my down fall. Thus the entire cucumber. I only drink water or coffee.
This has allowed me to loose weight, and still go out n have fun with my friends at a restaurant.
I just try to not order to much. Keep it simple.
What I have found is that I can no longer chow down a huge amount of food. I have shrunk my stomach.
I will have a table spoon of ice cream now and then… but that’s it.
If I get to crazy, I can drop my weight to fast. I aim for 10 a month…
My goal is to be back at 158 by mid March.
When I was in my 30s and I was mountain climbing quite often, I was 145 pounds and I could run a marathon. Well… I am approaching 50… and, one to many MC wrecks.
So… I think 150 to 155 will be perfect. Once I am in the 170 range I will start my floor exercises again then I will shift to weights once in the 160 range. By that time I will start working out with my son who is quite the body builder. No, I do not want that for myself. But I have to gain my strength back.
I had a scare with thyroid cancer 3 years ago and I have just not recovered physically. So, baby steps. But I am doing it and I am making great progress.
This is what is working for me at least… once I am back in Washington I will start to ride my bicycle again. I used to ride hard for 30 minutes a day. Here in Montana? -15° F? Oh hell no…


This meal cost me $2.00


Wow, that looks very tasty. nice job mate! Have you heard of the youtube series struggle meals?

My first week of limiting myself to 1900 calories I lost 5.1 pounds. man that limit was tough, but I made it work. Though I wound up only having a yogurt for diner.

That is not a good weight loss amount. It would be around 1-2 pounds a week. 5 pounds means I done messed up. I’ve upped my personal limit to 2k, going to see what that does in my second week.


The first week of a new diet frequently results in a loss of water weight which accounts for it being higher than what people expect.


When I was in my 30s, I worked out a lot… now I do not. It is easy for me at least once I get over the sugar and carbs to just not need more than 1200 calories a day. A few times I have done 900… but then the next day I will go to 1800 calories. I cheat… ate a bunch of Chocolate last night with a friend. Today I didnt… as long as I am not stuffing the pie hole and I am being honest with myself, I can loose the weight. If I do not buy it, I cannot eat it. Hahhahaha


Just gonna leave this here. You’re welcome :wink:.

Low carb fudgsicles
1 13 oz can unsweetened coconut cream
1 can heavy whipping cream - meaning use the coconut cream can to measure.
1 can unsweetened almond/cashew milk - same can
3/4 cup Swerve or other erythritol based sweetener
1/2 cup cocoa
2 pieces unsweetened baking chocolate or 1/2 ounce
1 envelope Knox gelatin
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt

Mix all ingredients and heat until well combined and everything is melted. Don’t boil. Fill your popsicle molds. This will make about 16 4oz popsicles. 149 calories and 2 carbs each.


I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m back down to pre-christmas weigh.


Wew! Hows everyone else recovering from their holiday?


Well done!


I’m down way past my pre Christmas weight but I am stalled for about a month now. Going to have to figure this out. Getting frustrated and about to say Fuck it!


MMy treat… sushi at Wasabi Steak House.
That and hot tea… last time I weighed myself 188… but I have stopped trying hard due to the artic weather and I am fighting a head cold. Hahhahaa


I have lost a few pounds recently with the only changes being I increased my Vitamin B complex intake and added a couple of cups of green tea everyday.

N.B. Here is a link to a search results page for can green tea help you lose weight

FYI - The Vitamin B complex I have increased is for immediate release and several doses (liquid Vit. B complex) per day.

Hope this helps you, too.