Anyone Else Out There Use Spotlights Regularly?


I have one of these and its used daily

no idea why they thought it needed IR but it has it



yup, gotta similar one in my Porter Cable cordless set


I don’t know if mine count…

But yup. Every night.

Giggles is my biggest light, also has the farthest throw of any of my lights. There’s a reason it’s called “Giggles”. Just like the gent in the video everyone I show it to and allow to wield it start to giggle. True.

I have lights with more lumens, just not as much throw.

My every night light that I use for closing in the birds is a Convoy L6. I have it on a sling to keep both hands free.

My indoor light for stepping over dogs and such is a BLF Q8.

I might have a few more. :yep:

My light obsession was driving the wife nuts so I stopped as far as she knows.


next time let me link those through my affiliate links LOL something like


Sorry. They’re just illustrations of the lights. I didn’t pay that for them since I’m a member of the BLF.

If you can somehow link to them to get some $ go for it.


all good, just ripping on ya


I delivered pizzas when I was a kid. Used a 12V spot to locate house numbers. It was all fun and games until I forgot to turn it off once, put it face down on the seat when I took the pie to the door! :flushed:

Luckily it just burned a big hole in the seat cover and not the seat itself. Thus ended my use of that spotlight.


Spotlight hunting is a no no in GA. :grin:


Yeah, they’ll do that. The pictured Q8 will get incredibly hot in an incredibly short time on full output. But the LEDs in the Q8 are overdriven to get that output. I rarely use it on full output to get a long life from the lights. FWIW, most BLF designed lights are overdriven. But just because they are that doesn’t mean that output needs to be used all the time.

I have a tiny one cell light with close to the same output as the Q8 from what I remember (Emisar D4). It’s my EDC light. The head is uncomfortable to handle in 12 seconds on full output. If it accidentally turns on in the pocket one knows it pretty quickly.

Few of my lights use AAs. All of them take Li-Ion cells, otherwise that performance level just can’t be had with other cell chemistry. The few that do take AAs (Manker mk41 is one) also take similar form Li-Ions. I like redundancy of power supplies.


this one doesn’t get hot at all…but yeah, i have seen some in my lifetime that would flat melt stuff


Not so much a spotlight, but I have a UV light that I use in the garden. Hornworms show up great under UV. Makes seeing them in the dark for extermination pretty easy. If one uses motels it also shows body fluids in the room if one wants to get totally disgusted, especially in the bedding or around the toilet. Makes one want to bring ones own sleeping bag for use on top of the bed. And always wear flipflops or shoes in the room and bathroom.


Why we camp in own own splooge in the Toyhauler on 90% of our outings.
I stopped in such a shithole on I-95 in a monsoon I slept with my MC cover wrapped around me and my 9 in my hand.
Econo Lodge/ crack hotel in Petersburg Va. IIRC