Anyone else seeing a rise in the 'Lifestyle' hipster trend with the AR crowd?


They usually wear straight billed hats, tapout shirts, say “Bro” too much and are super edgy and hip…freaking firearm hipsters. I blame Noveske, Spikes and Raineer Arms, I seen a guy all hipstered out with a colored $2,000 Spikes rifle with near mil spec everything.

He spent a good 15 min telling me about how much better his Spikes is than my Colt but kind of stuttered when I asked him why he cant shoot it better than me. Then he got all uppity when I asked how many terrorists Spikes Tactical has sent to hell. I like seeing more gun owners my age…but hipsters :man_facepalming: . Anyways, anyone else seen an increasing number of these types? Maybe the AK guys will get the same R&D and we will see some edgy hipster commies.


There always guys like that
I deal with people like that all day long
A huge part of the issue is they think there operators because they have a nice rifle but can’t maintain it or make nessicary repairs
It’s all about the name brand

There are some vendors that are totally legit
And there products make a difference
But nothing compares to the amount of training that you do with what you have
Your noveski does the same thing as the psa

It’s all about knowing your weapon and training
Not name brands and stigmas


Its getting big though and the shops around here sellout of the trendy stuff much faster than anything else. Its getting much more popular…try talking to them about training lol it goes in one ear and out the other. I didnt get a tactical operator mall ninja vibe though, I got a macho meat head ‘Tapout’ vibe, I used to see it in MMA all the time.


It’s fun to out shoot those guys at 200yds with an AK. :exploding_head:


Most cant even shoot that far.


We stock trendy things just to sell to people
I get it but we have to stay relevant and appear the clientele that comes in
I could even tell you how many Glock 19 we sell
The best is the kid that buys a Anderson lower from you and you don’t see him for a while and he comes back 2-3 Mingus later and has a big box of parts and says help me please


Lol Glocks are trendy? I wouldve guessed Sigs or HKs would be the ‘cool guy’ choice.


I like to make people build there own things that they brought all by themselves
So to have a sense of pride in the weapon they built with there own hands
Gunsmithing problems
But the smile is priceless when you see them fire said built weapon the first time


Given that firearms are just being portrayed all out evil by every mainstream outlet, more the penetration of culture of responsible gun ownership, the better.
Now annoying people on the range come in all flavors, I usually just nod my head and move on.


I like to chat with people and even let them try out my guns if they want. Im not saying the “trendy crowd” shouldnt own guns, im just saying hipsters make me want to walk around with a face palm. I wonder if this is what m14 guys feel like when talking with AR guys?


That’s so true

I talk to sheep
I just don’t educate them till they show me thee worth the effort
Gunsmith problems

A lot of times we get those dudes in our shop and they say my gun doesn’t work
You say what happened tell me every thing
They say I don’t know
Your the expert
Then you take it apart and it looks like chewed bubble gum
When is the last time you cleaned this firearm sir
Oh last week
Yeah right


Without “dirty” girls life would have been boring. :wink:


Didn’t those kind of folks used to be called Wannabees?
Lots of them around cars and motorcycles, too.
Like having the right stuff makes them hot dogs and superman.


Gear < Skill


Nothing wrong with people wearing straight billed hats. but the people you are saying are “hipsters” we must have different definitions. Hipsters are super tight/skinny jean wearing, starbucks drinking feminine type people. “Bros” are the ones you are referencing with the tapout shirts and saying bro. (I havent seen someone wear a tapout shirt in a few years now. But you could lump in Affliction and people wearing true religion jeans) lol.


I have a Spike’s lower, but I’m the furthest away from being a “hipster” (or bro). I think it’s more the person than it is the equipment that’s defining.

But more to your point, yes I’ve seen a ton of “hipster” (edit or bro) AR, AK and glock owners lately. Dunno why but they for the most part feel the opposite to what Brian posted earlier. They think gear > skill. Clearly it isn’t. Most of the hacks are poor shots with poor mechanics. They make excuses when they are discovered as useless hacks. Just like our professional sports athletes today.


That would be what im talking about. i consider hipsters the edgy cool guy types. I dont hate them, I just find my self wanting to face palm myself while they speak.


Spikes makes legit stuff, I like alot of their stuff but they seem to be turning into more of a ‘lifestyle’ brand. Black Rain Ordinance and Noveske are worse, they are over priced too. Spikes is priced decently.


I can agree with that.


totally true. And thats why I keep telling people to go look at Quentin Defense receiver sets while their pricing is still really good for their super high quality and hands down some of the best looking sets available!!!
I always wanted to design a build around some of the Spikes stuff, but its just a bit gimicky. Sorta cool warthog but not worth the money at the end of the day for something cute. And as far as Noveske goes… You can go buy SMOS Arms receiver set which just so happens to be the identical thing just with a different logo on it.