Anyone have experience with Grey Ghost products?

Im thinking about getting thier plate carrier, its priced pretty good. Im not looking for cheap-ish Condor quality stuff here but cant afford SOE or Crye.


I don’t have any experience with their stuff, but it holds plates, so how bad could it be? If you don’t have armor yet, better get on it.


Quality is what I am asking about. If all I wanted was functional than Condor would do. Im not entirely sold on plates ive owned them before but never quite sold on the concept for shtf-emergency stuff. I like my low-pro minimalist chest rigs , tbh.

Heres my favorite chest rig, Garand Thumb has a good review of it. I dont run IFAK on my chest rigs though.

I just got rid of one of these, it dosnt fit right. The Grey Ghost one seems made to fit us bigger guys a little better but i cant quite tell from the pics.


Well, Eagle makes good stuff


Do you not like side plates?


Not really, I am 6’ 230 lbs (about 30 lbs overweight) and dont like the extra bulk. I prefer low profile gear that can be concealed as well as worn openly. I prefer mobility to armor but see the benefits of having the main stuff protected (heart and lungs).

Too much armor hinders mobility and fatigues you faster. For SHTF type stuff for us civilians I just dont like the idea of being weighed down. I wont be surrounded by a dozen or more heavily armed and armored competent soldiers with air support , scouts etc so why would I want to gear up like them? Not to mention most of them types are in really good shape due to PT being shoved down their throat.


Man, I do. The reason why I want side plates is for pop shots I don’t see coming. Or, while driving. Because front and rear plates don’t really cover all that much. I’m not saying that you need them, just that I like them. They’ll certainly add weight, and mobility is survivability.