Anyone here 3d printing stuff?


Hello all,

I need a couple of small parts made as prototypes for a project.

Was wondering if someone here is setup with 3d printing.

Let me know please.


Our died.


That sucks. No warranty?


I do it all the time.

Here is some things I have been working on lately.


Those look great.

Do you do it yourself?


I design stuff like this professionally in the firearms industry.

The 3D printing is done by a third party which I upload the file over the internet.


phenomenal looking stuff!


I just found out one of our guys at work is pretty seriously into 3d printing as a hobby.

So I might be able to get him to help me out. He has been OOTO this week though. So hopefully i will discuss with him next week.


@Tactical_Reviews - what kind was it, we shopping


My current project.


I don’t remember.


I have a flashforge.

So far pretty impressed with it.

I printed some stuff to use with casting old berdan cases into trophies for my FAL match.

And then some FAL prints from some decent files I bought off a guy


Very nice.


second image is almost a thing of beauty.