anyone here dabble in reloading 8.6 BLK for hunting

Its been awhile on here and some time has passed. was wondering if anyone here has experience with 8.6 BLK and maybe reloading it.


So damn odd how it does too isn’t it

I’m not familiar with 8.6 have pics of your rifle?


@MikeBlack47 short answer maybe, but it ain’t me.

@Robert its an AR-308 wildcat that wants to go legit.

It’s a shorter range 338.


I do not, yet… :grin: But it is on my list of calibers to get into and load. I really like the 300BLK and see the 8.6BLK as a natural progression or next step.


I wonder if there are bullets built light enough for expansion? With 300BLK expansion is had by either using varmint bullets to keep expenses down, or exotic bullets.

If it’s a bolt gun maybe cast bullets with a big flat meplat is available?


I get where yer going with the expansion thing, an expanding 300 gr .338 should make impressive holes…


I don’t have one but, was thinking of doing a bolt action for hunting. Of course it would be suppressed with a nice 338 can that can do the job. but there are a few companies that can make some good 8.6 BLK loads.


they have some out there that have some nasty expansion


Always thought the 338 Federal was underated, yet I don’t have one. I actually don’t have a AR-308 either. If, or when I do, I’m not sure it would be a 338 caliber. I think a magnum would be doable with the right bolt. Maybe a 6.8 Western. Might be hard to get long loads into DBMs thougb.

If I was going bolt, and able to keep shots short we already have 308s that would spin 208s or even 220s. If I had to pick one 338 I actually might go 33 Nosler. It fits in a standard/long action, and probably tolerable in a 10 lb bolt rifle.

If you have a need, or a want for a 338 the 8.6 would be low recoiling so I can see the attraction especially semiautomatic. It might make a good AR pistol.